Hell Listen Poem by poet virginus ndubuisi

Hell Listen

He said,
"That I should escort him,
To hell",
And I asked him,
With what?
He said "with ammunitions,
Like bombs, guns, and
And I asked him,
"what are they for?
And he said that,
"We will use them against,
His son Jesus,
Angels and my fellow human beings.
And I asked why?

He asked me again,
Whetheram going with him,
Or not,
And I said that,
I am not going with him,
He asked me,
And I told him that,
It is written in the,
Book of law,
That hell belongs to him,
And his allies.
And he said,
"That I am a sinner".
But I told him,
That he is not a judge,
He told me,
"That it is written,
That all sinners will go,
To hell,
But I told him that it is,
Written that,
"With God all things are,
And he began to,
Cry like his friends in hell.
He told me the story,
Of Lazarus and,
The rich man,
And I reminded him about,
I also told him how,
He was taken to Heaven,
By angel Michael.
And that the death of,
Jesus Christ for human beings,
Will not be in vain.
He then said,
"That he is going to kill me",
But I replied,
That it is written in the,
Book of law,
That I should fear he,
Who can kill both soul and,
The body,
That he can't kill me.

He said
That he will throw me
Into hell,
But I told him that he,
Don't have the power,
When he discovered the,
He then said,
"Please can you stay with
Me till that time"?
Then said I no.
As I was about to,
Turn back,
He called,
Son of the most high,
And friend of Jesus,
What will happen to,
Me now?
And I replied that what,
Is written is written.

He said,
"That I am,
As poor as a church mouse,
But I reminded him what,
David said in psalms.
I also told him that Jesus was,
Poor in order to make me,
He said that he is the giver of,
But I told him that God is the one,
Who gives us the
Power to make wealth.
He said that "I should,
Come to him so that he,
Will bless me".
And I told him that blessings,
Comes from God and,
Not from him.
He asked me,
"Will you wait for blessing,
Of God with this starvation,
In my body"?
And I told him that,
Is good to fast and,
Wait for God's blessing,
Then to make money,
In exchange of my soul.

He said,
"That he has,
My brothers and my sisters,
With him,
And I told him "that,
It is written that,
The kingdom of God,
Suffers violence and,
Violence takes it by,
That God will take them,
By force from him when,
The time comes.
He said,
"That he will attack,
My blessing and bring me,
And I reminded him of,
I also told him that,
The angels of God will,
Not let him rest,
And he left me alone,
Like lonely Cat.

Thursday, March 22, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: beautiful
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