LOVE_AND HATE_ Lyle Ashwyn Holland

Rookie (22-JUNE-1989 / RIVERLEA, JOHANNESBERG, South Africa)

Hello & Goodbye - Poem by LOVE_AND HATE_ Lyle Ashwyn Holland

Your 1st glance was like a greeting,
With no words spoken_
But when your lips moved,
it was like the gate of heaven just opened_
So magical.

Flooded me with your sweet words,
And drew my heart into the open_
Your touch was the current,
That pulled my love into your ocean_
So unimaginable.

I drowned for days,
In the eyes of the one who surprised me_
Chances of finding another quite like you,
Are slim and unlikely_
So incomparable.

Then things got out of hand so swiftly,
Never saw it coming_
It hit us both so hard,
That when you got up,
You just started running_
It was inevitable.

Gone with the wind,
Thought you'd never return_
But you came back,
And stayed for a while,
only to turn...
Into a whole new you I created,
Like the birth of a twin.
Just to feel the scorn of a woman's heart,
I never knew burn.

Or should I say 'Burnt'?
Burned out and yearned for revenge! _
Should I blame it on karma?
Or just your foolish actions again! _
Or maybe it was your thoughts,
Maybe it was your friends_
Maybe it was just me,
Screwing up on every given chance_
The pain in my heart,
Won't let me see the you, I once knew,
Ever since that same glance_
I came back to find you,
To find you and my bestfriend,
Having a despicable dance_

Its been while now,
Imagining what happened and what was said...
Behind my back!
I thought you'd have my back_
But when I came back,
I found a knife behind my back_
And 1 in my heart,
I need to find my way back_

Figuring out mistakes,
trailing paths of lies_
Every truth and excuse,
Now seemingly a disguise_
What did I suspect? What did I expect?
This shouldn't be a surprise! ! ! _

Maybe I'm the fool,
feeling so embarrassed.
The ones you keep closest to you,
Will cause the most damage! _

How could you consider,
When I stuck with you? _
How can you wanna leave things as is,
When I'm still inlove with you_

How could you both risk it?
After so many efforts and memories_
How can I even trust you now,
These so called 'friends' just pretend to be,
When they're actually your enemy!

God alone knows how I feel,
So I asked Him: 'why make this real? '_

Guess I messed up, my happy ending_
And The best of, my heaven sent blessing_

Woken up from my best dream...
To be stuck with a dark twisted memory_
A nightmare from a fantasy,
A Bestfriend to an Enemy,
To An Ex from my Ecstasy,
And Me, suffering Terribly! _

They ask me forgiveness,
Guess I'll be the better man...
Things won't be the same,
But I guess it doesn't matter then.
Way pass the second chance,
Way pass the best romance.
3 love triangles brought us 2,
to the very end...

Yet again,
Maybe way pass that,
Must be overdue...
Only time we won't argue,
Is when I'm over you! ...

But that's played out,
Like monotony...
We've played this game before,
It isn't worth monopoly...

And Way pass passing letters,
Moving back and forth
Like kids in pre-school...
Break ups and make ups,
Oh yes Baby, we're fools.

We will never get by,
With Jealousy, exaggerations & crushes.
We'll just wave as we pass by,
In trains, cars, planes or buses.

How can I have a heart to love with,
After all I've suffered?
How can you still want me,
When you've got what you wanted?

See The Uncertainty Of Love?
As I look up in The Sky_
Do I give up or give it my all?
As I give 1 More Try_
Always Giving all my honesty,
And Not Another Lie_
But as She walks over.
I just keep walking By, _
Soon as she wanted to Leave.
I saw the Tear In her Eye, _
Saying: 'Lyle Even Though I just Got here...

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