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' Honesty' Of Flowers - Poem by anushmadhu Sanna Ratnavel P.Bharathi

Flowers, We…
The faithful wife of poets
The call girls of beetles
The adopted children of gardeners
Sometimes we are used in celebrations
And in the event of homage, given too
Sometimes we commence love affairs
And travel on the bouquet of brides
Sometime as demand dowry in temples
And to glorify the checks of Gods
And politicians too
What else..?
We are 'Honest' to pristine
And so we die
on the same day of our birth

Comments about ' Honesty' Of Flowers by anushmadhu Sanna Ratnavel P.Bharathi

  • Deepti Agarwal 3/26/2010 5:24:00 AM

    what i really liked about it is.. along with the beauty it also brought in the sad tale too.. hence got both the shades brought up beautifully.

    a gud read.

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  • Bonnie Lundgren 2/9/2010 3:56:00 AM

    A flower belongs to no one, but exists to bring joy and beauty into the world. Do they not touch us more than we touch them?
    This poem is easy to read, but the last words do not seem to finish the poem... In a few lines you miss the simple innocence of a flowers life.
    The adopted children of gardeners- would that all children had such a home!

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  • Javier Zamorano 2/4/2010 1:57:00 PM

    Wonderful read. I am sure the flower agrees Reply

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  • fleur de lys 1/28/2010 11:07:00 AM

    I love the originality of your language and that final like is a corker,10+ Reply

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  • Omar Ibrahim 1/24/2010 1:34:00 PM

    i like the flowers....but where there are flowers, there are noxious weeds who want to choke them.
    thanks for sharing.

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  • Maran Venugopal 1/16/2010 6:46:00 AM

    excellent words used. Reply

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  • Josh Burnett 1/15/2010 10:11:00 AM

    Loved this poem it's happy mood but at the same time it's got the saddness in it as well Reply

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  • Annabel Sheila 1/14/2010 2:25:00 PM

    This is stunning poetry...you made me want to weep for the flowers.


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  • Pradyumna Jyotir 1/14/2010 11:26:00 AM

    There is nothing more honest and pristine than nature and her miracles...It is unadultrated...only thing is we do not respect her... we crush her spirit.Beautiful poem. Reply

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  • Seraphim Foxette 1/12/2010 7:35:00 AM

    Its important to be able to visualize a poem especially when its this good great job i love it Reply

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