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Ello ther.
Ny name is Kyla Christina Munden
I go by Silence DoGood on this site
not because I'm a benjamin franklin fan
or even a historical one
I chose the name because it was an alias
and I thought it was inspiring what Silence DoGood aimed to achieve
I do write in a depressing genre
displaying the effects of drugs, suicide, self mutilati ...

Silence Dogood Poems

A Better Life

Theres this girl at our school.
Who is always alone.
She doesnt have money.
Or even a home.

Black Heart Beat Red

A tear that falls a scream that cries.
A smile thats false and a hidden lie.
A broken heart a laugh thats fake.
A secret lost a promise that'll break.

Beat By A Rumour And Decieved By A Lie

I tell myself Im okay while I paste on my smile.
I can forgive but forgetting takes a while.
Your words hurt me they cut to my soul.
I said I wouldnt cry or lose control.

A Secret

My first day of school started with laughs and stares.
Giggles and pointing they didnt care.
I clearly was new as if that changed a thing.
Nobody cares what happens to me.

A Love Poem For Broken Hearts

I wanted to write a love poem.
But I didn't know where to start.
So I began to think of you.
And wrote right from my heart.

Silence Dogood Comments

Tierra Escoffery 06 May 2009

hey you its tierra, search for whispering shadows

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Hey young one.. you are an excellent writer.. really are.

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Christian Eliab Ratnam 13 September 2008

Your poems are by far one of the best I've seen of any Poet your age. I am indeed impressed and absolutely startled by your attempts so far. Beautiful writes! Keep at it and I won't be surprised to find collections of your poems in bookshops 5 years from now. Well Done Ms Munden!

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Monkey Mendez 03 September 2008

I can tell you are a good writer just by the passion you put on display. Surely you will one day be able to write a poout anything without even trying! As soon as you feel happy, just write down your feelings and why you feel that way. Later you can change it into a poem.

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