Here You Are! Poem by kedrix Udjoe

Here You Are!

Oh Mr Lecturer
Professor of higher esteem
Thy atrocity have brought you here
Where you kept the innocent souls of girls
Thousands whom you have deflowered
And still collect money for your grades
But here you are

O john the forerunner
Son of the high priest
Your preaching deceives the pew
And the pew astray
Your prophesy a lie and many deceived
Your preach Christ never known his steps
Thou pray not for the poor
In rich men homes you live
Thou abandoned adultery in public
But all the female choristers knows thee
And here you are

O a good orator
By your speech you have deceived the poor
You come to the house by night
Seeking him as a brother
Of the forthcoming change in government
Presented a manifesto of deceit
For you never seen him again
Since you won
But here you are

O the practitioner
Thou have judged others practices
Void the poor's sues
Against the rich
Taking kola from your left
To betray the poor fellow
Now upon all your judges
The rich still comes here
And here you are

O Mr Man
Thou has known righteousness
You forgave your betrayer
Fool of you in your ideas
Thou laughed as the wise to the fools
O Mr Man upon all thy goodness
But here you are

Hey brother is this not you?
You I had known in life
You that have saved the poor
Given all in thy care
Willingly to the poor
You still lay with us here
Here you are

O little brother
Killer of my gentle soul
Thou knowest what you did
Poisoned the ear of our mother
Stabbed and watched father stagger
But here you are

O his royal majesty
Kings fall at your roar
Thy face like the tigers
Fought and won for centuries
Sent the innocent a holiday of eternity
But here you are

Oh bravest of the brave
Thou climbed the highest peak
Fought in dens
Made kings amongst fellows
Butchered many on top the abattoir
Drank their blood in digestion of their bones
But here you are

Here we all shall lie
Covered by the red earth
Our eyes will not see light
Except the creator comes
To ruin and save
The bad and good
Until then we shall still and still
Lie here

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: criticism,death,death of a friend,nostalgia,sad,sadness,truth
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