XxAllanisxX Anderson

Heroine Queen - Poem by XxAllanisxX Anderson

Hey heroine queen, you used to dream
What happened?
You used to feel so happy and high
Now you're sitting in a 
hostpital bed about to die
When did the happiness become a lie

Heroine queen you look so lean
So skinny and weak
There's no pink in your cheek
You can't smile anymore cause 
because this addiction you're considered a whore

Heroine queen
Your arms are sore
With purple and blue
You wish you could undo
All the pain you caused them
All the hurt you caused you

 Sadness, tears and drugs can't heal but they sure as he'll can cover it up. Like a leaking bandaid they drip
From your arms to your indented hip

Heroine queen
Can I kiss you and hold your dying body
Cause horoine queen I don't want you to die sadly
Heroin queen please get better, the docter have to let her. 
They need to help her
Oh heroine queen when did you stop living a dream?

When did you stop dreaming?
When did you stop singing?  

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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