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High School Epic Poem - Poem by Nicole Riess

High School,

To me it was all just one giant blur.

Year after year.

Day after day.

All blended together like a bad espresso from McDonald.

I never had a true favorite class.

I never had a class to single out as my worst.

I cannot even say that my second year math class was my favorite or worse.

That year,

in that class.

Compared to the other classes of today,

it wasn't that different.

The students in that class were little brats, like in most classes they are.

They were the reason I preyed for the pledge.

However, out of the mass of rotten souls,

I manged to get two great friends.

Together we ruled the class,

Being the loudest with the best grades.

So when the other students didn't what to learn,

most days in fact,

the teacher would go to my group of friends and teach to just us.

After all we would listen, without always clinging to our cell phones.

The most I remember about High School,

never even came from that Hell-whole.

In fact,

I mostly remember events from home.

My family isn't the best.

However, I always find myself learning the most from there.

I learned that no matter what,

Be thankful, never give up, and

don't let fear rule you.

You have to rule fear.

So, within my High School life,

I can say about I've been scared for about 10% of the time.

Out of that,

most if not all,

I was scared for my Dad.

By now I'd think that doctors would love the sound of our last name.

"You have a patient named Riess sir." A nurse would say.

"About time! " A doctor would yell, rubbing his hands together in a washing motion.

I can no longer count the time that my dad would get an infection,

from either an open wound due to a left-over bone that some idiot forgot to remove

when working on removing his (My Dad's) toe.

Or a blood clot that just happens to get infected,

or a bone that just wanted to get infected just cause it didn't want to feel left out

because all its buddies been infection,

why should he be left out?


Another fear I've had came from Gami.

Out of the blur,

I remember thinking, believing, and fearing,

that everyone was a drug lord.

I believed they sold them openly.

And I was just about right with that, kind of.

Though all of my High School is one giant blur,

I will remember this year.

This year,

with the Class of "Twerking-should-be-illegal-just-like-everyo ne-else-here."

Oh, I mean,2014.

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  • (6/11/2014 7:03:00 AM)

    Right from the start, Nicole's poem, The Not so Epic, Epic Poem brings out a smile. The poem itself is straight to the point and described all the subjects on the list, though others were intertwined with others. She establishes from the beginning that high school was a blur to her; however soon after, she picks out two particular memories that happened during her high school years. It would have been a bit more interesting for her to write in how high school had been a blur to her, maybe via use of just firing off particular events that could have stood out to her. Among those, she could've spoken about the two memories she describes within the poem - a sort of precursor.

    Otherwise, the only major issue that stands out is a technical issue, with usage of the wrong word/spelling mistakes. Everything else is perfectly fine, blunt and straight to the point in true Nicole style. She covered all her bases and though her last line is a bit confusing, I'm chalking it up to the difference of class years.
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