Highway 98 Poem by Dear Child

Highway 98

Highway 98 holds 98 reasons for me to walk away from you
Yet I travel in lane 1 which holds a reason for me to stay

I wanna leave but I don't wanna move on
If I leave you'll cry today and be with someone else by Friday,
I'm not ready for us to end

You say I'm worth one million dollars but treat me like one hundred
I'll complain about it all night and day
I don't know why because I'm still gonna stay

Even if I did leave that wouldn't be a wise choice
I'll simply end up like I used to be
Alone, living in my head, creating fantasies that'll probably never come true…
You're all I have for now.

You're my never ending nightmare
That feels like a dream come true,
Each and every night when I fall asleep
I'm glad I'm no longer in the bed alone

After all these years of chasing after something that I didn't know existed or not,
I reached a point where I just want what comes to me

I'm tired of chasing after something
That doesn't seem to be looking for me
Even if I were to find it
Ain't like it would notice my face.

Highway 98 is probably the right choice for me to make
But lane 1 is the path I will take.

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