History Of Nature Poem by Aprajita Rana

History Of Nature

Rating: 4.8

When earth was just an infant,
There came an instant,
When God gave all creatures a call,
To bestow pure nature on them all.

He said, my children,
Now this earth is your home,
And my special creation which is nature,
I appoint it as your caretaker,

You will be safe in its hands,
For that I am sure,
In return you will protect it
That you have to ensure.

They all promised to do so,
And were very happy,
God too always saved them
When nature got angry.

But soon a new creature joined them,
Who could walk on two legs,
It was known as human
And he turned nature into a mess.

It gave birth to fire,
And rapidly grew
It killed beautiful creations
Dinosaurs too

Soon earth was his prisoner,
And destruction was everywhere
All other God’s creations
Prayed, he leaves nature spare.

The deserts are expanding
Arctic ice is melting
Global warming is the truth
We fear man will have to pay by his tooth

God listened to this call
And responded to them all
Do not fear not all is lost
Start mending sincerely and you will rise above this fall

Khairul Ahsan 01 October 2016

We fear man will have to pay by his tooth - seems to be a prediction coming true. Thanks for your concern for nature and the danger human beings will bring upon themselves if they do not stop interfering with nature right now.

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Kamya Mehra 18 April 2009

aprajita, it was a really nice and a sweet poem. actually all ur poems are really nice. i really enjoyed reading them. i want to see more poems of urs! ! so start making more! ALL THE BEST! ! ! !

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Ranjana Mittal 02 April 2009

very appropriate. and contemporary

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