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No love is as overwhelming and as pristine,
As the maiden love of a lass, say of sixteen.
When, like closed petals of a bud she begins to unfold
Herself, blossoming into a fragrant rose or marigold.

When love flows between two yearning hearts,
Even Gods and angels listen,
As softly silence speaks,
And softly silence speaks.....

A poet's wandering heart is precious
Only to a few eager souls, who hear
Their heart's songs echoed in his words.
That's why to them, the poet is so dear.

You and me,
Passed thirty years and three,
Through Spring and Winter, rain and shine,
Enjoyed our life, barely with a hint of a whine.

When you touch me, I can say it's you
Even if my eyes are closed.
For your palms are like text books
That I've read so many times over,

Whatever the poet's eyes see,
And his mind imagines,
And his pen elaborates,
Or whatever is written,

Where speech fails, poetry takes over.
As if like a fetus in the womb, a poem
Is born in the brain's chamber, where
It sleeps and sometimes moves about

When hurt, a person cries.
When bereaved, a person wails.
When broken down, a person sobs.
When cheated in love, a person weeps.

Love is, listening to her rhythmic heartbeats
Imagining her assurances with every beat.
Love is, touching her like the softest feather,
Going to sleep touching together.

Trudging along the slippery path of life,
If I ever slip to the ground,
Please extend a hand of yours,
For me to hold and turn around,

I am bound in eternal friendship,
With The Supreme, The Most High,
Preachers taught me to call Him
My Lord, but I call Him my Friend.

Just a drop of tear,
Appears to be a fathomless ocean
If it hangs from a mournful eye
Of someone special,

I can see clearly, you are in pain now.
I wish I were with you, to hold you
In my arms and give you a big hug.
To look at your eyes and assure you

Parallel lines
Move equidistant from each other,
Under all circumstances,
Whether they move straight

Flowers of dawn do not blossom at twilight,
One who isn't a poet at twenty, how he might
Be one at sixty, when his vision is marred
By the blemishes of life that he cannot discard.

I was then, a boy of barely seven,
One day I was sauntering in my garden.
While I watched and touched the flowers,
Saw a dragonfly in the afternoon hours.

Just after the sunset today,
The sky as if lowered itself down
And then started a sudden downpour!
The birds on the trees had barely gone to sleep.

Words of love, softly spoken though,
I can hear you, as your words flow.
Nice and innocent, your wishes and dream,
Flow from your heart, like a natural stream.

Previously I used to love spacious home;
Now I prefer small spaces,
Small corners, small cubicles,
Small circles of friends,

Looking Up From Down Under

We lie on the bosom of the green grass,
Beside the walkways,

Khairul Ahsan Biography

I have retired from Government service and am now, at 65, enjoying a fully retired life. Besides reading and freelance writing, I am also engaged with some social works here and there. I enjoy reading poetry more than I like writing. I have written poems in my vernacular Bangla quite a few in my younger days, and now, for the last seven years I have been writing poems in English too. English not being my mother tongue, readers are requested to view my English poems a bit leniently. I write in English to share my thoughts with the world at large. Like every other poet, I also long to be heard! To me, life is a beautiful piece of poetry. Indeed, life has always been rewarding and fulfilling to me and I thank God for that. As life matures, so does ones mind and mental vision. At some point in life, the physical vision starts waning but mental vision keeps widening, holding the glory of life aloft. The colors of life portray different pictures at different times. I love to see those portraits painted through poetry. I feel a natural fraternity with all the poets of the world, of all languages. I do not write much, but read whenever time permits. When I do write, I write for my own pleasure. My writings flow out of my mind as expressions of feelings of all kinds, like love, joy, nature’s beauty and behavior, human instincts, heart's yearnings, appreciation of Gods bounties, etc. etc. I have had an imaginative mind since my childhood. My imaginations were, regrettably, subdued by my introvert attitude. However, fortunately enough, I could overcome this uneasy and uncomfortable state of being in later years, as I grew confidence in myself while growing up. When I think of my curiosity, I remember that Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcí¬a Márquez described curiosity as “one of the many masks of love” Love in the Time of Cholera . I am, by nature introvert but inquisitive. I used to ask a lot of questions when I was a child. Sometimes due to shyness, I used to ask the questions rather to myself than anybody else and give the answers myself too. Till today, I am inquisitive, so please do not take offense if any of my comments seem to be too nosy. You may just ignore them if you would not like to answer. I am proud to have many friends all over the world today, and I guess, like me, they too are proud of their association with me. I have a natural feeling that I am dear to all my friends, home and abroad, as they are to me. I value friendship and I forgive easily. Like all writers, I too like to know what the other fellow poets think of my writings. So my heartfelt thanks will always be there for those who would take time to read and comment on my poems and quotes, good or bad. I have included some of my thoughts in my 'Members Quotations' block. I do not wish to get any word of praise unless I truly deserve, and I cherish no yearning for accolades. I do not believe in comment bartering, so it is not necessary for you to comment on my poem just because you have happened to get one or more from me on your poems. If you want to criticize, discuss or appreciate any of my work or that of yours/others, and if you want elaboration of any of my comment, please feel free to message me. I offer my friendship to all who would stop by and have a look at my works. I try and read as many poems as time permits, and sincerely rate the poems I read. As a usual practice, I take time to comment on poems whenever I read one. Like all other poets, when any of my poems go unread, I too feel sorry. I can be reached at:

The Best Poem Of Khairul Ahsan

Pristine Love

No love is as overwhelming and as pristine,
As the maiden love of a lass, say of sixteen.
When, like closed petals of a bud she begins to unfold
Herself, blossoming into a fragrant rose or marigold.

She seeks a hand to hold and wants hers as well be held,
In secluded privacy, from the outside world as if shelled.
She wants to love and be loved, to touch and be touched,
Promises never to leave the hand that she fondly clutched.

Standing on the crossroads of childhood and puberty,
She seeks a soul mate, not one who is always flirty.
She feels lonely at home, even in a crowd, or among peers,
Unless with her soul mate who keeps count of her fallen tears.

Promises everything that her soul mate wants her to be,
She herself also demands promises on matters flimsy.
Not realizing that promises are easy to make but difficult to keep,
Broken promises are hard to bear with, easy to make one weep.

Sometimes the lass' love remain held back and suppressed,
When she is wary that her emotions will not be addressed.
Flames of this unexpressed love burn her in slow motion
Whenever she muses over some missed conversation.

Lucky is he who wins the first love of a lass, in solemn trust
Pity on him who misses the offer, or throws it into the dust.
When a life's journey is begun hand in hand with no suspicion,
The two unsuspecting souls will no doubt reach their destination.

Khairul Ahsan Comments

Mahtab Bangalee 07 February 2019

Auspicious I’m, because I’m from his country Hail his writing to be ageless as our dignity Salute I his wisdom and his serene writing Affable poem of him makes me to his akin Nothing I’m, yet, want to live his poetic ring

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Cassandra Jasmine 08 September 2013

A kind poet, an encouraging bard, an imaginative composer, a positive man, Mr. Ahsan is great! His comments are positive, his messages are uplifting, and somewhat typed with a sparkle. He always has a kind word for young poets, a helpful tip or two, and he always replies my messages without annoyance; despite the fact that I message him a dozen times a day. Some of the most beautiful he has written on Poem Hunter are Pristine Love Love Is, and 'The Small Sparrow And The Small Lesson, and Disharmony. I would recommend everyone to read those listed poems! Best wishes, Cassandra J.

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Geetha Jayakumar 31 December 2013

Poet Khairul Ahsan One of the talented and gifted poet. Its one of the blessings you have. His poems are very pleasant to read. His poems flows freely on any topics. He recognise other readers poems with praise. May you keep on contributing valuable poems to this poetic world. Wishing you all the best. God Bless You!

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Lyn Paul 26 July 2013

Khairul your comments are so inspiring. I particularly love the way you recognise the other readers comments with praise. Your positiveness SHINES! It's going to be a sun, sun shiny day I thank you.

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Sneha Celine 17 May 2014

amazingly expressed! !

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Nabakishore Dash 12 April 2022

I enjoyed your nicely expressed words and imagined the imagery full of romance.

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Bharati Nayak 08 June 2020

He has encouraged me greatly in my poetic journey through his wonderful comments on my poems. I bow to this literary genius and feel proud to have him as a friend and guide. Thank you Khairul Ahsan ji.(Part-2)

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Bharati Nayak 08 June 2020

When I go to write about Khairul Ahsan, the poet gem from Banladesh I wonder whether my words would be enough to describe his immense poetic talent ! I have read many of his poems and awestruck by their beauty of expression imbued with feelings of love, kindness and humanism.He gives a Midas touch to any subject he writes.(Part-1)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 16 May 2020

As much as we praise this poet, it will be less. The poet has sharp vision and wonderful outlook. He has created a new history in the literary sky. His poems will definitely be treasured as the beneficial gems in the world of literature. May Allah bring fortune and happiness for him! (Part-2) : : Best Wishes from Poet Kumarmani Mahakul #373 on top 500 poets of the world (As per the information of the world poetry database, rank on date 16 May 2020)

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Mahtab Bangalee 07 February 2019

KHAIRUL AHSAN, a true respectful poet to me. Although I know nothing details of him (for that I’m really sorry) , nevertheless, the BELOW is my little effort; I wish to his greatness- Key point writer he is from Bangladesh Harvester of solid verse to make fresh Artful word he can paint on poetic canvas Interminable ink spreads depth, touch heart Rhythm he is in reading worldly poem truly Untarnished reviewing his wins all writer fairly Leading hand shows path to follow decency

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Khairul Ahsan Quotes

It's easier to unfurl oneself in poetry than in prose. I love poetry exactly for that.

We are all long distance runners on a track that is as vast as life itself, with an unseen finish line. We may slow down or speed up at intervals, at convenience, but we must never stop.

One who thinks good, cannot speak bad.

Nobody ever comes for ever, but everybody at some point in time goes for ever!

Those who manage their time well, fare well.

Loneliness is a living mirror. It reflects on many shades of life in retrospect.

I love kindness and compassion, in whatever measure, wherever!

Life, methinks, has a beauty in each stage, dawn to twilight. Even a man at the doors of death may have something to look at and revel in.

Love requited is a song of nature.

Kindness and compassion are the two natural byproducts of a loving heart.

We human beings have a memory cell in our brain. With the memories are attached deep rooted emotions, to which we love to look back, over which we love to reminisce.

Poets are usually lonely, but nature befriends them, as if to compensate for the absence of human company.

An artist works on a canvas, with pastels, oil and water colors; a poet also draws a picture, with words only- his open mind is his canvas. Like an artist may carry an unfinished canvas for life, a poet may also carry an unfinished poem in his mind for life. A picture that a poet draws on his mind's canvas with words, may look like a beautiful work of an artist, though the poet may not have drawn a single picture in his life with paints and brush. Likewise, a work of art may blossom into a beautiful poem, although the artist may not have written a single poem in his life. Such is the relation between poetry and painting, a poet and an artist.

Hope is the small raft on which we are to cross the sea of sorrows grappling with the turbulent waves!

History is written by the victors or their agents. The saga of the vanquished has no place in it.

Hope is the vessel that takes us through the turbulent waves of the sea of life!

One who knows his/her mother language well, takes no time to learn other languages well as well.

May kindness and compassion be the constant vanguard of our frail conscience, to set it back to track whenever we tend to err!

A memory is the summation of moments that leave an imprint in our throbbing heart.

Our entire life is for lessons to learn. The syllabus is flawlessly prepared by the Teacher, though it remains unknown and undisclosed to the pupils. From our bedroom to the farthest point of the Earth we tread on, is a seat of learning.

Only a small spark is enough to start a bushfire.

A poet and a parochial hater cannot walk together.

Good friends are like good assets of life. Conversely, the bad ones are bad liabilities.

Love; even if it leaves us, it lives in our hearts 'in the afterglow'!

Your best poem will be delivered when you would be in the utmost pain. Pain is a profound producer.

Conscience is the best teacher. Truth is the foundation of knowledge. Any knowledge devoid of truth is not knowledge, but ignorance.

Love reigns supreme in all hearts! The language of love is universal, for humans as well as other species of the earth.

Time is a treasure we often squander away! By the time we come to realise that, we are almost consumed by time.

Science and Poetry are sisters born of the same Mother.

Poets dream and the scientists bring those dreams into reality. One shows the destination, the other walks the path.

Sometimes, silence is louder than speech.

When there is love, there are dreams. Absence of love can give only nightmares!

Love hurts more often than it heals.

Our spiritual and temporal pursuits should be continually harmonised. Absence of such harmony turns all our melodious songs of life into discordant, dissonant, deafening cacophony.

We are all guinea pigs in the laboratories of the Governments. We can be free only when the frontiers disappear and the mother Earth returns to us as the one single home and habitat for all of us. Home for the humans, habitats for all other species having life.

Hope enlivens, while despair dampens our spirits.

How life behaves depends on how you look at it. Positivity always pays handsomely.

Things that we seek, lose value when we get.

Kindness is a multiplier of virtues!

Cheer up! Life has many avenues open, walk a different one for a better destination!

The beacons of a lighthouse are like light rays that a good poem emits.

All kisses do not linger; some do for a lifetime!

Those who are meagrely-worded in speech, can be eloquently fluent in their writings. The vice-versa is also true. The verbose speeches are often misleading; the writings, seldom.

Poems are love because poems come from the heart, and the heart is where love abides in abundance.

The beauty of God's creations is spread all around; from a little flower smiling out there from a forlorn crevice to the vast horizon painted in multicolors along the distant skies. It takes only discerning eyes to see and appreciate!

Love may bloom through pain but once bloomed, it's a flower of joy- soothing, pleasing and fulfilling.

Poets are a blessed group of intelligentsia, who can see things through the prism of both fantasy and reality.

Acquiescence to crime is no less a crime.

Love is the foundation of all erections!

It's not easy for an aquarium fish to survive in a deep ocean. Before jumping out, should it want to do so, it needs to attain adequate swimming skill.

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