'Holding My Father's Hand' Poem by Pushpinder Kaur

'Holding My Father's Hand'

Holding my Father's hand
As I lie on my mother's bed
In the silent communication-
I feel, I am communicating
The gentle, yet, firm touch of my Father's hand to my mom.

Being in her bed
is like being in her lap...
I can feel her breathe, turn and move.
Every memory of her flows like a river on the mind's map.

It means a world of tranquility, peace and calm
healing every nook of the heart with a magical balm.

Mustn't she be very happy
To see me beside my Dad?
This epic journey
that I could undertake after an eternity
threatens to disappear in a jiffy

But the mind shall pull every string
to make this last for long
In my mind's eye...
And the unseen, untouched, and the unreachable treasure trove.

Pushpinder Kaur29.6.19

Saturday, June 29, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: father
Pushpinder Kaur 29 June 2019

Each journey for a daughter to her Maiden/ Parental Home is 'AN EPIC JOURNEY' undertaken after a lot of meditation, planning and sacrifice. It means sacrificing one responsibility, or rather, many, to fulfill another. It is a daughter's Prayer.

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Pushpinder Kaur

Pushpinder Kaur

Amritsar, Punjab, India
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