Maria Makeski

Homesickness (Part Two) - Poem by Maria Makeski

The dry leaves that seep
I wait them to make a path
To retreat you
And I walk through
Some strange trails
Like in a dream I twist myself
Between thousands of worlds,
I see - beneath this kingdom
Love withers leisurely
Captured and put in a golden cage
I whisper silently
And I live
With my homesickness.

Our faces are seceded by many
And wide heaven gardens,
Where I quietly sowed the grain
With my tears,
I slept on the hay,
And I had dreams for you,
Through the doors of the past times
My hope was touching
The soul of Heaven,
The Witticism was searching for
The faces of the Peace,
Your eyes were clear reality,
And the lips your energy,
Let my tears now raise my sadness
And the cry,
My homesickness.

I arrived with the memories
Hidden under my sleeve,
And the tragedy howled in my nerves,
Closeted myself between four walls
And exhausted
From the unweary fatigue,
Protruding with open eyes
Through the little windows
And waiting for the time to fall
Like a hot rain
And make a tropical stream
From the humid past,
Which moment of the present
Passes rapidly into it.
The kiss of the silent wind,
And the early day that is waited
With happiness,
Rises the mood of my love,
And the hope my homesickness.

Through the red carpet
Laid by the tender touch,
I was listening to your steps.
Through the sky doors,
Big like my love,
My plans passed.
Now, beside the fireplace
In the dark room
I cry for everything
I want to happen,
Your heart was whitening mine,
Your spirit was warming me up,
It was giving me heat.
The days will run like a river,
And drag me into you with power,
They will cut all grounds with war.
But, one day when you will comprehend
Please touch me
And come back,
My homesickness will conceal
Like a spiritual body
Beside you,
While my heart
Sleeps far away,
A dropp of my loneliness
Will blow in a silent dream,
Where the sun sets forever,
The rising will fall again
By my homesickness.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 3, 2007

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