Mikey G

Honesty Leads To Us - Poem by Mikey G

Honesty, The sole belief system that leads to trust,
That leads to love, That leads to us
Without we are nothing more but animals battling to survive
Just animals, Savages that Lie
No remorse for the better of man kind
Only reward is what I can take and call Mine
This system, Sole purpose designed
To take apart family's, to create boundaries and lines
This world we call Earth has become tainted, so corrupt
When will we stand up and say 'I've had enough! '
Time to take charge, get large, stand on our feet
Time to reap what we sowed, so lets reap
The Father becomes the Son, The Son becomes the Father
The Winter becomes The Summer, The Summer gets Hotter
Take care of the land we live on,
Mother Earth who gives birth and destroys
Take care of our fellow Man, build a bond
Who teaches our children, Who risk their lives in Wars
Lets stand United as one, Together for the greater good
Stop saying you can't, say 'I did it cause I could'
Make a change be the difference
let us witness and regain hope in our people
I do believe it's time for a change......
I do believe there's people to blame.......
I do believe in Love.....
I do believe in Trust.....
I do believe in Honesty, That leads to us.....

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 17, 2009

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