Metin Sahin


they put the man
in front of the water
on a wheel chair
he could not walk
six men
with his invalid chair
may be they were next of kin
may be close friends
may be blood-friends
nearly six men
carried the man
that was not able to walk
in front of the water
in the middle of the greenery
thanks GOD
I can walk
in the pool
there wre ducks..pigeons
and under the small bridge
white rabbits
moon was budding
in spite of the shining sun
under the clouds secretly
ı t was almost evening
the last days of summer
hot and very hot
the moon was budding
hidden under the clouds
I asked everybody
to ask a wish
, ı do not know if theybut ı know you asked
from your eyes
sun was setting crimson
when serenity of the evening approached
the ducks dived into the water
I wanted to dive with them
in this cool water
the weather was hot...very hot
the man wore the greenery
in front of the water
the man who could not walk
but he was still filled with hope
even he cannot walk
he could see the others
who can walk
he wore the greenery
in front of the water
he was still smiling with hope
may be someday
he hoped he could walk
on our table
the flowers were blooming and greening
I as if being guilty
was looking at your eyes
the distance between us
was elongating as the days passed
and our hopes
were looking for new mornings
as the setting sun
to rise up again
even the man who cannot walk
was hopeful than us

Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 9, 2011
Poem Edited: Saturday, November 5, 2011

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