Nur Meiyati

How Can We Reach You - Poem by Nur Meiyati

You say don't blame our religion
If there are terrors, violence, and wars
It is the men who are not good and not religious
Anyone can condemn us, but never criticize our religion
Doing that is a blasphemy, a contempt, or an attack on us

That is the point

How can we reach you if you shut the door that no one can get through
You protect your book and your faith as a sacred and an adorable fragile baby
Only compliments and hilarious applaud are welcome
But anything bad about your faith will make you mad
Everyone of you consider any talk about it as racist (do you really know what it means?)
Everyone of you think any mentioning about who and why as a blasphemy
Whereas anyone outside the circle see things start from there

I understand well because that is how you are shaped
It's not that we don't like you or hate you, in fact
How can you all be so sensitive?
It's not that you are bad and have no morality, maybe
But any actions start from the mind
It can be as a result of ignorance and misunderstanding of the guide
Or simply the guide is not right and or too easy to be falsely interpreted
By the simple minds
But the the numbers of the simple minds are much more than the scholars

That is why politician and wicked power dance by manipulating most of you
So it will be much better if the entangled thread is untwisted
But how can we reach you if you always shut the door to let us get through
You close your eyes and pretend nothing has ever happened
The world talks about it while you're enjoying your false pride, illusion
So how can we reach you?

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 8, 2013

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