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How The Mighty Has Fallen - Poem by Wilfred Mellers

How The Mighty Has Fallen
Written by: Wilfred Mellers,12 September 2015

Is there sanctuary left in your existence?
Do you still insist on putting up such resistance?
Is there still some kind of feeling?
Is there something you're not revealing?
Is there any refuge still left?
Is your heart still a victim of theft?
Is there a single solitary emotion?
Platitudes no longer spark devotion

Though the years pass us by
Have you ever question why?
Does true lover ever die?
Or is there something in disguise?
Your words wear it well
But does your heart has something else to tell
For dreams sometimes they can haunt
So conceal it all if you want

It's better later than never
But nothing waits forever
Some feeling you cannot sever
The pride hides the lies you tell yourself
You think you're so clever
You say ok whatever
You can't hide from the ego
It's nothing more than a placebo

Maiden fair of darkened hair
Secret rendezvous' the solaced affair
Exposed the rose in your lair
Swinging now bound to a rocking chair
Was it truly so long ago?
Barren fields steal from my escrow
March to cadences for on with the show
Sentiments as cold as winter snow

I rise to the sky with the fiery air
Crossing boarders without nothing to declare
Tropical the breeze caught me midair
Fortuitous my follies I am certainly aware
So much for a mere mortal to bear
Broken wings cannot take you there
Sound the advice so you better beware
Caught the mare between the wind and a prayer

Once you were truly awesome
Gone are the days of spring blossom
Seems as if you are playing possum
Grays on rooftops in season's autumn
Forgone days that was a problem
For it defies mechanics quantum
Somber are the blues sang in Harlem
Disputes lacking any relevance
Bright eyes smitten once by eminence

Days filled now without boredom
Comes the day you hit rock bottom
You will then contemplate on me often
Fruits ripe on branches until rotten
Once soft has turned and hardened
Daffodils wither in a dishearten garden
Sinus are filled by ragweed pollen
How far the mighty has fallen

Topic(s) of this poem: anger

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