Snake Blocker

Human Behavior - Poem by Snake Blocker

I'm sitting in a restaurant in Florida.
It's raining outside.
Today I eat alone...which is rare.
But today, I'm fine with it.
Today is my time to observe...
Observe people...observe human behaviors.

The hostess is cute.
They usually are...I think it's an unspoken requirement.
And there tends to always be a few hot waitresses too.
Today is no different.

I ask the cute one for a pen and something to write on.
She smiles and comes back to me.

I worked in the restaurant industry right out of high school.
I paid my dues...three years of hard work and little pay.
I respect those that can do that kind of job as a career.
And I've dated my share of waitresses.
But they never seem to last very long.

The ones I've dated ended up being 'flaky' like my cereal.
Most of them have a desire to become actresses, artists, or dancers.
Nothing's wrong with that if the effort's there.
But most of them are just dreaming about stardom

I'm getting sidetrack here.
So where was I?
Oh yah, the behavior, the restaurant, the women.
The behavior seems to be consistent wherever I go...
Same scenario, same scenery...just a different city.

I look down at my plate now.
My food is untouched.
I must have been daydreaming again.
I look around the restaurant for something of interest...
People are still talking about the weather, money, and work.

Well, nothing's going on here.
I guess this time, I'll have to just enjoy the food without the company.
It's better than being with someone annoying.
Wait a minute...
Where's my dessert!
I ordered that first.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 9, 2012

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