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Human Trafficking Ii - Poem by Luke Easter

The moon awakens when darkness falls where light of the sun is gone,
A summers day, there’s much to do, unlike winter because it is so long,
Business of the day subsides, at home in peace now my computer’s on,
A smile engulfs my face as an email brings an early release of the Dawn.

I am honored that you'd like to publish my God given gift in your book,
Whereas, the whole idea of poetry wasn't just for a chosen few to look,
Especially since this write in rhyme is very true, so close to my heart,
The Creator of this world & all of life never intended for us to be apart.

This woman is devoting her life & resources to do all that shall can do,
Therefore, united in this cause we collaborate on Human Trafficking II,
However, what is the single most important thing against us? Well,
There would be no bondage or slavery of anyone without a clientele.

Like Taiwan, Viet Nam, to the infamous brothels of India’s Bombay,
New York City, Chicago, Salt Lake, Detroit, Huston, Miami and LA,
In our poorest nations where bondage begins months before the birth,
But, The United States of America the most powerful nation on earth?

During the oil rig explosion in the gulf I had to sit back and laugh,
All the headline news in Cleveland was who’d we pick in the draft?
An oil spill is about to take Louisiana’s economy from slow to no,
Yet, it’s back page everything to the condition of LeBron’s elbow.

Where are the priorities? On whether or not a superstar athlete is hurt?
Pedophile scandal about catholic priests, future pope protects the church,
Initially when the story broke out, the all powerful Vatican had denied,
Only to find later that the most loved earthly religious figure head lied.

Cav’s lost 1 game to the Bulls as fans cried, “bad calls, we were robbed, ”
Equal concern as 16 schools are closed and 640 teachers loose their jobs?
Teens Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry, several others are missing for years,
Yet, “King James” leaving Cleveland seems to be the areas biggest fear.

Hey, I certainly have no problem with this guy but the city’s focus is wrong,
How about the fact that a chance of quality education for children is gone?
Police are under the minimum as fire fighters and EMS personnel are too,
While billion dollar Cleveland Clinic pays zero taxes & this is nothing new.

So, is it any wonder it looks, sounds, feels like there simply is no hope?
And the reason many who are trapped believe the only way out is a rope,
Belt, bed sheet, cord, whatever they can put around their innocent neck,
Whom did Simon “dis” on American Idol, no wonder they feel neglect.

“Learn to do right! Seek justice, relieved the oppressed, correct the oppressor,
Defend the fatherless, plead for the widow, ” Isaiah 1: 17 we must do together,
This is the Amplified Bible version of that scripture lest there be any doubt,
No matter how dark and depressing the situation, unity can bring them out.

Okay, so tell me where is this unity and what is taking it so long to debut?
Thousands can rally together in public square for a, “Tea Party” this is true,
Lining the streets shouting obscenities at President Obama’s motorcade,
As desperate or homeless teenagers walk the streets dying to be saved.

Hey, I am not just talking Cleveland because we are not the only one,
Every single city with a sports franchise the exact same thing is done,
A Gambling casino is soon to call Cleveland home, here is a sure bet,
When downtown comes alive there will be many underage selling sex.

w/Dawn Worswick

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 2, 2010

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