Children & Teens On The Internet Poem by Luke Easter

Children & Teens On The Internet

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The information highway,
Travels at the speed of sound,
Anything you need to know,
Leaps in a single bound.

Bam! It’s on your computer,
Whether you need it or not,
A to Z then back to A,
It never seems to stop.

But how about what is sent?
And the reasons why?
If you don’t have pop-up blocker,
You’re over run a lot with lies.

Then, what about the hackers?
Don’t forget there’s virus email,
I remember worms only on a hook,
Fishing from a boat without a sail.

What about online sexual predators?
Protection for our children is all the rage,
The question is, before they get online?
Do we make sure their soul is saved?

We will not always be around,
To help nurture and protect,
Too many of the lost souls,
Only suffer from neglect.

Spread the love of our Lord and Savior,
Early as possible in their lives,
Filled with His knowledge and wisdom,
The choices they make will be wise.

Satan can only gain entrance,
Where a mind and soul is lost,
Not teaching our kids to follow the word,
Is it really worth the cost?

Let’s give our children more than presents,
Start with the gift of love from the Lord,
No matter what your financial status,
It’s a price that we all can afford.

Once the devil enters and takes control,
The cost becomes way too high,
Only when reared with the Holy Spirit,
Will our children be able to get by.

Just as sure as you are reading this,
A parent or child will eventually pass on,
Only in the name of Christ Jesus,
Will we be able to positively move along.

Remember that you are never alone,
No matter what the circumstance may be,
Have the love of the Lord brighten your path,
Not just now but for all eternity.

So the next time your children are online,
Seeking information or just to surf,
If you’re not there you’ll know it’s,
Only for the good the Internet is worth.

Babatunde Aremu 27 October 2016

A word is enough for a wise man. Nice write. Bravo

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Kim Barney 27 October 2016

Much truth has been expressed in this poem! Congrats on having it selected as poem of the day!

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Edward Kofi Louis 27 October 2016

Seeking information. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 27 October 2016

Heartiest Congrats for composing this jewel in poetic form cautioning parents world over to safeguard their children from the ill effects the internet can have on them and also on it's selection as member Poem of the Day.

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Dipankar Sadhukhan 27 October 2016

An excellent write.... Congrats...

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Bernard F. Asuncion 27 October 2016

Splendid! Congrats for being selected for the day.....

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Kevin Patrick 27 October 2016

With every progressive development in technology there is always a segment that wish to use it for ill, that's why its needed for the good to combat it. A cracking good poem.

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Clarence Prince 27 October 2016

And it's best to teach them God's word while they are young!

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Luke Easter

Luke Easter

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