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Hunger (John 6: 1-15) - Poem by Maria Sudibyo

I'm nobody
I'm just a child without family
I'm nobody
And I'm hungry

So I search for the crowd
To beg for mercy
May they have some food
Other than words of enemy

I'm hungry
And there's a crowd in front of me
They are walking into the same direction
To the mountain, near Tiberias I see

They are following for one man
He sits down and begins to tell a story
Story that I never heard in my life
Where the world is felt more joyful and merry

He doesn't shout or speak loud
But the wind carries His calm voice to every
As speaking to His children in their night bed
His face looks so bright and free

From a far distance
I continue to listen to His story
And slowly
I'm not anymore so hungry

His story starts to fill my heart with warmth
His presence covers my body with safety
And for the first time of my life
I feel more love and energy

And then suddenly
He raises His head and looking around of many
He talks to His friends about something
I hope it'll be soon or I will remember that I'm hungry

He comes again to the top
And blessing the bread and fish He carries
I'm not moved when the food is shared
I know it won't enough for any

I'm nobody
And no one will notice my small body
I keep watching from distance
Even though I'm very hungry

But then somebody comes closer
And drags me into the small circle
I don't know them and they to me
But strangely I don't feel lonely

I don't know when I'll eat again
I don't remember the last time I ate properly
But it doesn't matter anymore
At least now I won't be hungry

The food is keep coming from everywhere
They continually offer it to me
And for the first time of my life
Somebody really smiles to me

That moment I start to realize something
Many cheer and laugh heard in the party
How everybody eats and talks together
They are like in one big of family

Some people said it is miracle
Some other said God is there
I'm not truly understand
But I'm glad that I am here to see

Not because the food I get
But for the strength to live
Not because the vision I find
But for hope I allowed to have

And when the crowd starts to disappear
I still standing there like in trance
Maybe I won't see Him again
But I will keep this faith with me

I'm nobody
I'm just a child without family
I'm nobody
But now I won't be anymore hungry

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 20, 2012

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