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I Am Ansel - Poem by MaiLoan Lee

I am lazy but an adventurous, bright kid that loves observing nature
I wonder how the world ever started and who was the first man to set foot on the earth
I hear the fluffy birds humming beautiful songs in the rain forest
I see Mother Nature in the forest of nature protecting the animals
I want peace and to prevent the uses of oil and stop global warming because it is dangerous

I am...
I pretend I am a MI6 Agent named James Bond 007 on a mission to save the world
I feel excited because I think I might win a million dollars playing Who Wants to Be A Millionaire
I touch nature's fresh water dropping from the blue sky
I worry I will lsoe my family and my house from a fire
I cried when my great nature loving uncle passed away
I undestand that getting your feelings hurt, hurts more than getting an injury
I say before you set out on revenge you must dig two graves
I dream I am in an Apollo spacecraft traveling to the moon
I try donating money to Red Cross every year
I hope my family will live for ten hundred thousand million years
I am...

Written by Ansel at 8 years old

Poet's Notes about The Poem

My beloved son Ansel passed away at age 15. He was an extraordinary young man with a beautiful old soul. Ansel wrote this poem when he was 8 years old.

Below is an essay he wrote for his English Class about a month before he passed away.

Personal Mandala - Ansel is a seeker of knowledge who appreciates the endless supply of seeds of ideas and works to nurture the potential for innovation, application, and improvement in all walks of life to sprout. He acknowledges the origin of such ideas, coming from experiences, memories, and moments which are invaluable and worth capturing. On a lighter note, Ansel enjoys the speed and precision as well as strategy that applies to the sport of table tennis. With many different concepts and thoughts activated in his mind, Ansel always has a quick start on organizing his points in a structured and purposeful manner. At the same time, with so many perspectives to address on any particular thesis, he finds challenge in concluding his essays. Future ambitions of Ansel include advancement in debate, where his and others' views and opinions can combine with facts to establish truth far beyond reasonable in order to effectively and informatively solve issues. A career in medicine is Ansel's hope for a life spent towards alleviating pain to allow people to thrive with the beauties of life, not trapped by its sorrows and sufferings. Ansel's focus and tenacity results in the completion, with full potential, of all significant tasks. His determination in striving for perfection can become detailed beyond necessity but the overall effect is still of higher value. Life's true purpose is constant progress for everyone by the hand of anyone.

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