I Am Him lil'nat✍ Poem by LilNatDaPoet? LilNatDaPoet

I Am Him lil'nat✍

Sometimes I feel Like Im not enough
For a lot of the things I do.
Looking around at the people my age,
i feel as if everything they create
is better than what i make.

I find myself staring at the moon a lot
and wondering what it all means.
My mind wanders above the clouds
and my heart follows closely behind.

I wonder if anything i do,
anything I write
anything i draw,
will ever have an effect on the world.

I look down at myself
and i see lifeless teen,
walking along with programmed movements.

I know i'm at myself when i look into a mirror,
but sometimes i don't know who that is.
Who is Lil'Nat

Is he his hair, his eyes, his skin
is he his personality?
his thoughts
or probably his actions?
is he good? is he bad?

Someone calls my name
In an instant i rush down to my body
and inhabit it once again

I don't have time to dwell on things i can't control
and i don't have time to wonder who i am
Everything i need to know
Will be figured out as i go
As long as i have something around me,
something that i can touch and feel,
then i know im real

I may not impact the world
But wherever i go,
I will still leave my footprints.

I am Him, Im Lil'Nat

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