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I Am Hungry - Poem by Ibrahim Enitan Eniola Olubiyi

Like a dust arising into space
Sequel to disturbance
So does the aroma of this delicacy
Rising, rising
Like a projectile,
Hurled against an unsuspecting target,
What a hit!
But I never got the dish/meal

Oh! Why, neighbour?
Why arouse in me a passion you can not fulfil?
Half a dozen day,
Have gone without a meal,
No that I do fast,
Yet, I never complained,
Who would even listen to my complain?
Why did you awake this sleeping, horrible gargantuan beast?
Yet, no sacrifice to appease it!

Homo Sapiens,
Take it or leave it,
This is cruelty,
Insensitivity to man's plight,
A terrorist act of the highest order,
This is!
Homo Sapiens, when will you learn
Not to start what you can and will not finish?
Why heat the pan when you are not ready to fry?
God help me,
For at the mercy of this monster I am

Educated but starved,
Blessed but broke,
Willing to work but no employment,
In a corner, in my room,
Lying fallow,
After several days of fruitless search for job,
With little or no hope,
Without food,
Strength drained out of me,
Awaiting a miracle,
In lieu of one,
The monster,
Surprisingly suppressed thus far,
Is awaken!

Help! Help! ! Help! ! !
I am hungry! ! !
Oh! Yes, I am!
The colossal beast is not seen,
But the victims feel its impact,
How tall it is?
I know not?
Of What nationality it is, I have no clue
Is it black? Is it white?
A blonde? An albino?
Could it be a reptile?
Perhaps, it is a spirit!
Candidly, I know not!
From ages to ages,
Generation to generation,
Stories have been passed down the line about this horrible beast
Yet, none had caught a glimpse of it,
Let alone seen its face

I am hungry!
the anger of the world ought be turned against this resilient adversary
Rather, wicked homo sapiens
Would rather spend trillions
Building weapons of mass destruction,

Awake! Oh! Fool Homo sapiens!
We have a common enemy,
A basis for unity among us all,
After all, the enemy of my enemy
Is my friend,
Stop this meaningless wars!
Stop the mayhems!
Stop the racial discrimination!
Stop this corruption!
Let's join forces together,
Let's annihilate hunger!
Let's trap the idiot called hunger!
Let's exterminate hunger!
Let's try, people!
Enough is enough!
How many of your kind has been sent to the grave by this horrible beast?
How many are within its horrible grip like me now?
for how long?
Homo sapiens!
I am hungry o!

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