I Am Still Me Poem by BROWN MABONGA

I Am Still Me

I'm tired. I'm tired of being that guy who never seems to fit, who's always seen as different, as not normal. I'm just like you, you see. It hurts to hear those words from people I care about, to see them think I'm not enough.

How can I fit? How normal do you want me to be?

I've tried to blend in, to change who I am,
But each attempt feels like a sham.
I'm tired of pretending, of hiding my true self,
Of placing my dreams and hopes on a shelf.

Why must I conform to a mold so tight,
When my spirit yearns to take flight?
I have my quirks, my unique ways,
But that shouldn't cast a shadow on my days.

I want to be accepted for who I am,
Not squeezed into a societal jam.
I'm tired of the struggle, of the endless fight,
To be seen, to be loved, to feel alright.

So tell me, what does it take to be normal?
To be embraced without a judgmental scrawl?
I'm just like you, with a heart that beats,
Longing for a place where my true self greets.

But maybe it's not about fitting in,
Maybe it's about finding my own skin.
Embracing the uniqueness that I hold,
And letting my true colors unfold.

I'm tired, but I'm still here, trying to see,
How to balance being myself with who you want me to be.
But in this journey, I hope to find,
A place where I can be both, truly aligned.

In a world that demands conformity, a voice cries out for acceptance. 'I Am Still Me' explores the struggle to fit in while embracing your unique identity. This poem is a powerful reminder that true belonging starts with finding your own voice.
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