Dimitri Jagodinski

I Am The Devil And I Will Get You. Halloween Free Word Poem. - Poem by Dimitri Jagodinski

I am going to get you
Tonight you are mine
You think you are safe
Your guard is down
Your mind has erased your memory
The years have gone by
I am a faded nightmare of your childhood
I was real then
Your youth only saw the truth
You feared me
You took measures to avoid me
You let the angels protect you
Out of the corner of your eyes
You have always seen me
Lurking in the shadows
Waiting for the right time
The time to take your soul
You ignored the signs
You only remembered the stories of demons and goblins
You now think Satan is just a figure in costume
You hardened your heart against God
Tonight is the night
All Hallow's Eve
My moment of glory
The night I am king
I am waiting for you
Trick or treat
Coincidence is your costume
Dressed as a dead man
Soulless and tortured
I have to laugh
Your future foretold
You come to my house
You bring your kids
They feel me
Out of fear they warn you
Don't go in the house
They begin to cry
You laugh and assure them you will not die
The demons open the door
Your kids break free screaming as they run
You turn to grab them
But you feel someone grab you
You turn and see me standing there
Fear grips your soul
Now you remember me
Now you remember the day
Payment is due
Dead on arrival
The day you sold your soul
For I am the Devil
And I am going to get you

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 31, 2013

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