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Faith is hard to conceive
When you cannot see beyond your troubles
Hope is hard to have
When your life is spiraling out of control

The sun's rays spread as they seep through the silky curtains
Breathing life into the once blackened room
The warmth from it's tentacles arouse my senses
I awaken with a great sense of exhiliration

Am I nothing?
Will I be anything?
Is that not astonishing?
Or is it bewildering?

Timeless and endearing
Is the love of a mother
Beautiful and unselfish
Never judging

Throughout history
God has sent us one man
To change the world
Nelson Mandela was on of those men

I looked at the face of a society death
When I found the homeless man dead with nothing left
My heart burst for sad it seemed
To find a man who died alone in his dream

Death by suicide
What a selfish way to die
No faith No hope
No love No joy

When I moved to the South
Racism is all I heard about
It was a black and white issue
I tried to tell them that was not true

Eagerly awaking before the sun rises
I turn my alarm off and quickly get dressed
Time is running out
Hurrying I brew a thermos full of fresh coffee

Who are you?
Why are you talking to me?
No that is not true!

What a joyful time of year
With children grinning from ear to ear
Adults kissing under the mistletoe
Jolly Santa's bellowing Ho ho ho!

Martin Luther King
Was a great man
He had a vision and God's plan
He wanted equality

I was sitting at the park the other day
Feeling dark and depressed
Over the joyful noise of children playing
Deafness clouded my inner feelings

We write daily of our feelings or dreams
Never understanding the power of our words
We become involved with fantasy
We leave our real worlds behind

Everyday we walk and sometimes run to where we are going.
Everyday we put on a pair of shoes that we love to wear
No matter what we are doing
The shoes give us comfort and help carry our weight

Death is death
Death does not hurt the dead
Death creates pain for those left behind
Death is the last page of a book

See the signs
At a glance in the corner of your eyes
Shadows darting around people
Spearing their ears and penetrating their thoughts

Invaded by plundering unjust conquerors
Swathing a path of blood with false righteousness
Destroying the birth rights of the American Indians
Causing the extinction of untold generations

The World has always been a violent place
Wars, plagues, genocide
Death, murders, racism
Senseless crimes of hate

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Since I was very young I started writing short stories, songs and poetry. I am also an artist. I did not have a easy life as a child and I learned even though life was tough for me I still love life and people. I realized words can change people and create emotions some people never have felt before. Writers are artists and we paint life in away that can inspire people to look at life differently and to see things in life they never notice before. As artists we open the doors of a new world for people to experience. Writers are gifted and we have a responsibility to create places for people to escape too or to face the truth in their lives. Writers make fantasies seem real, writers relive history and writers change the world.)

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Faith Hope Love Joy Pride

Faith is hard to conceive
When you cannot see beyond your troubles
Hope is hard to have
When your life is spiraling out of control
Love is a feeling that becomes pain
When your loved ones leave
Joy is a memory fading away
When you lose sight of your dreams
Pride disappears
When you drown in despair
Faith becomes real
When you begin to believe
Hope is alive
When you surrender your will
Love Heals your heart
When you begin to love yourself
Joy fills your soul
When you share your Love
Pride is restored
When you finally know who you are
No matter what happens in life
We need Faith, Hope, Love, Joy and Pride in our lives
And we need God

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You are destined to face death. Face death by living your destiny.

Nothing reminds me more of the joys of Christmas than a smile from a young child looking at the presents under the tree anticipating the treasures within.

We dream about what we can accomplish in life. Yet we never take action to realize that dream. It is a choice we make. A fault of our own weakness. The good news is that it is never too late.

We gave freely to those we thought needed help. Teaching equality without responsibility. Now we reap what we sowed. For those we helped unselfishly expect more without earning their keep. Not knowing the pride we feel when we are rewarded by what we earned.

When you love someone.. your world is their world.

Days pass you by one day at a time Do not waste each passing day by doing nothing Make each day memorable

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Guy Dimitri Jagodinski Popularity

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