Mr. Poetic

Rookie (8-6-60 / Philipines)

I Don'T Want Goldengirl To Die - Poem by Mr. Poetic

Take her out
Set her free
Do u want GoldenGirl
To wind up like me

She is locked up in a society
That does not care
That only cares about money
So why is she there

Its not to late
She can be saved
Or do u want her
To end up in a grave

Listen, here is an idea
Take her far, far away
There are doctors that care
And don't worry about getting paid

There are places where being healthy
Is free
GoldenGirl won't get healthy
If she is put before money

But if u take her out
And bring her North across the border
GoldenGirl will return
And she will be your daughter

There are other places
Where health is free
Where you are cured becoz people care
Thats the way it should be

I know it may seem like a drastic move
I know it is an extreme measure
But GoldenGirl must be saved
Becoz she is your treasure

I know u think I'm insane
But pleez don't wait
U have to pack your bags
U need to relocate

But you can't leave
Because like a fool u spent all your money
On a fake fancy home
Sometimes your stupidity is so damn funny

Take her away and start new
Take her away from her addicted friends
At least get out of the state
Decide now before her life ends

Go, go now and give her a new life
Go away with GoldenGirl and make a new start
Take her someplace where she will see the light
Let her discover the love that once was in her heart

Don't put your trust in a corrupt instituition
Don't pollute her head with medication
Take her to a place where she can lay in the sun
And everyday feels like a vaction

And when u find a new location
Don't sit around and bitch and complain
Explore your new world and discover new sites
Before you and GoldenGirl drive each other insane

Go live in Paris
Go explore the cathedrals of Rome
And don't worry about your basement tenant
He probably won't even realize that you're gone

But I know you won't take my advice
I know you won't hear what I say
Go ahead listen to the american medical man
But all they care for is pay

Show GoldenGirl some happiness
Even if u must lead a foriegn life
And GoldenGirl won't ever have
To pick up a knife

And even though I won't see her again
She will always remain in my heart
But GoldeGirl needs a new beginning
GoldenGirl needs a new start

U may think I'm manic
But think about giving it a try
I love GoldeGirl with all my heart
I don't want her to die

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 4, 2008

Poem Edited: Saturday, April 5, 2008

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