sinurina bader

...I Dont Know... - Poem by sinurina bader

In each other's life, should i take part or be apart?
Should i leave or should i stay?
should i grieve or should i say?
Or should i believe and live my day? ! !
i dont know.....i just seem the one who has to pay!

I gave you my heart,
and i didnt ask for much.
I had a dreamy start,
because i needed that touch.

I said 'hold it dont dropp it'
because i never expected the 'bumping' you wanted to stop it!
you made your fuckin determined date, as if it was fate,
and when you're standing there at my gate,
I'm sorry i had to say 'its too little, too late! '

Our love was it true or fake?
I guess such a flake, can never move on like a lake!
when its just ruined 'not a glue could stick this break'
So i hope you realize what you have done, for GOD'S SAKE!

It was your fault, not mine,
because you're the one who's cut the line,
and in this way, do you think i'm still fine! ? !

Tell me what do you think, when you just blink,
you were trying to find a suitable lie,
to convince me, when you saw the tears in my eye,
Or perhaps, you just enjoy seeing me cry!
i dont know...

And when i ask for an explanation,
you hedge and stutter.
I realize that this is time for abdication,
because i was totally stuck with a nutter!

Dont get me more excuses, or mention circumstances!
because such abuse cant achieve, more than my disbelief.

All i can say now, is this hearsay,
when i'm gone, dont mourn,
I lost my feelings or there are almost none,
so no agony no pain, or such stuffs again!

I was your girl, your babe, your honey,
and so you were my everything!
and you know i was waiting for you to bring me the ring...
But 'SKIPPING ' was your choice, you made us both lose!
just never consider this a rejoice...

Although i never knew,
that this is you.
HOWEVER, you are still the one to whom i once said, 'I LOVE YOU'! !

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 29, 2010

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