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I Dreamt I Climbed Parnassus - Poem by pepe nero

I dreamt I climbed Parnassus
and saw the Gods seated there
Jupiter, Venus, Leda and more
Zeus in His grand golden chair
I approached His throne and bowed
paying homage to One as great as He
when off in the distant haze
some specters i did see.
so transparent were they in heavenly light
could ‘most escape a mortals sight
see thee there? , asked I of He,
seated in the highest chair
what shades be they that I see
i did ask, i did dare
to He whom one must not address
in terms so trivial so slight
He gazed afar then looked at me
and said there is naught boy that I see
perhaps thou be deluding thee
or dost thou drink too much our nectar?
But yes, ‘tis they, said I
dost Thou not see those simple shapes
lurking in soiled ragged gowns
envious of look yet so assured
but on their faces do frown
the disapproval that they invent
to shore up their own ground?
There is nothing that I see
and if there be they belong not with we
But said I ‘tis Jaimes still wearing his derby hat
and there at his side that one corniculate and toady
that all the folk at the big gaz bag
have come to know as Brody
and see there self appointed as their guard
the one known as Colin Ward?
i’ve never heard their names He said
nor do I know they exist
but ye I do assure
that if in which they call poetry persist
their very lives shall go amiss
one grand disillusion to which they shall fall
and be content one and all
to believe in myth so self invented
in attitudes thus maliferous
there is an imp waits for them there
down in cold Hades where none know peace
nor joy nor true expression
they feel naught but great depression
in that eternal pit of damnation
but, for like the likes of thee,
if thou persist what great visions shall thy see
of hope and promise and communal love
of sating dialog and, not great, but
of momentary wondrous works of art
that will to all give
the eternal start
into that distance future goal unknown
where all shall meet who broke the rules
set down by self appointed masters
who create naught but art disasters
listen not to such as they
who in some distant end shall pay
by being ignominious displayed
as fakes they are for all to see
for if in pretensions they insist
they shall feel yet my Holy fist
smash with joy upon their faces
for the forms they did disgrace
Oh Holy one to He said I
if I may ask of Thee a favor
wouldst Thou be so kind as to respond
to this I ask of Thee?
ask dear friend, He did say
and if it be in my power
you shall have your answer today
perhaps in only, as you measure time, an hour
and so I said with shamelessness
that I did spy there some chairs
many many did I see
for which there were no bearers
by chance said I could it but be
that those chairs are there for some of we?
my boy He said with joy and glee
that they are there for the fearless writers
so tell me Sir if I may ask
is there one for Richard Rodriguez?

(c) pepe nero

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 5, 2008

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