I Drive Poem by Jack Worthington

I Drive

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Feeling down, I look around at the world passing before me
The sun on its fatalistic arc, streams light through aluminum blinds
A fading afternoon, where nothing was done but wasting time
I slip on my shoes and sunglasses, and then grab my keys.

My car is there waiting, for a destination unknown
I start the engine, shift into drive and begin to roam
Where I'm going I have no clue
The walls were closing in, and I had to see something new.

I drive into the sunset not looking back
All the way to Ohio, until it's pitch black
I was racing the sun to California, but it was speed I lacked
So I return home in the dead of night, the loser left on the track.

I was hoping to flee this arranged marriage to pain
But as I enter the room she embraces me again
This half lived life will not be my fate
I weep until sunrise, planning another escape.

Saturday, November 21, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: escape
george george 30 November 2009

Frustration and depression well depicted here. Good job, it really brings up feelings for the reader.

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Shirley Hanley 21 November 2009

Jack that was beautiful! I've had many days like this... but lately mine are spent in 'my chair' wrestling with my 'arranged marriage to pain'... and reading PH... your poem brings hope to those in pain and motivation to keep chasing those sunsets and forget the pain... if only for an afternoon. Nicely done. Namaste, Shirley

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Jack Worthington

Jack Worthington

Yuma, Arizona, U.S.A.
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