I Hate That I Don'T Hate You Poem by Jordyn Heal

I Hate That I Don'T Hate You

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I hate that you left me
I have that I fell for you
I hate that your smile haunts
I hate that you died
I hate that I can't be angry
I hate that I'm upset
I hate that you wanted this
I hate that I wasn't enough
I hate that I couldn't make you happy
I hate that your gone
I hate that I don't hate you
I hate that your laugh is gone
I hate your gentle kisses
I hate your friends for not crying
I hate that I can't stop crying
I hate that life goes on
I hate that your not actually dead
I hate your choices
I hate the drugs that you love
I hate I feel that your dead
I hate you're no longer mine
I hate the people you now call friends
I hate the men you sleep with
I hate your dad for what he's done
I hate seeing you so unhappy
I hate so many things but the one
I hate the most
I hate that I love you
I hate I would die for you
I hate I'll never get over you
I hate this new you
I hate myself for not hating you

Brendon Carey 26 March 2011

This really brings out the raw emotions that you feel. I know how you feel and I could'nt have displayed it better.

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Mia Perez 28 January 2011

i loved your poem, you could feel the twisted emotions.

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