I Hate Unemployment Poem by Grace Chen

I Hate Unemployment

I hate to be unemployed.
I used to think that I am a smart graduate.
I entered into University with a lot of hard works,
and I wish to become a success career lady one day.

I worked for 15 years plus,
but I am not a successful office lady.
Due to office politics,
I quit my job due to angers and hatred.

Actually I start to regret,
because I have been unemployed for 2 years and 3 weeks.

I wish to go back to work.
I wish to receive my monthly salary by every month end.
If I have salary on hand,
by month end I will go to shopping.
I will go for a facial treatment at least twice a month.
I may join gym and learn yoga everyday after work.
I may join slimming course.

But now I am unemployed.
I have spent mostly all my savings.
I applied more than 500 jobs in these 2 years.
God know what had happened towards me!

My name is ruined.
My reputation is gone.
I have no professionalism and integrity in the public
because my name is greatly ruined.

I cried.
I cry.
I was depressed.
I am depressed.
I am undergoing depression treatments.

Who care me?
Instead who care me!

I cry. I cry and I cry...

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