I'Ll Be Back One Day Poem by Mohit Sharma

I'Ll Be Back One Day

This is a poetic plea of a boyfriend who is on his way to God's house leaving behind his cold body, to her girlfriend for not able to see her face for the last time. The girl waited for him for a long and turned back angrily without even knowing that his boy has just died in an road accident, while he was on his way to meet her...may be for the last time.

'Yet another day fades down in a dusky way,

I am still speechless, I don't know what to say.

I am walking on a path that seems so dry,

though feeling like a numb but will not going to cry.

this endless path is taking me along in such a way,

wondering if I could be back to you on any day.

forgive me love and please don't cry,

may be in any form but I'll be back one day...

Neither feel alone nor feel betrayed,

don't look towards that road, as those footprints will going to fade.

I'll shower myself on you whenever those clouds goes blue,

just feel my inevitable presence, I am always with you.

may be you can't see me, even with your vision's deep,

but I'll appear as a naive dream, whenever you'll going to sleep.

those days were golden, when we got paired,

I'll try to fulfill those promises and dreams, that together we've shared.

my death is not an end, I'll prove it one day,

may be in the form of air you respire, but I'll be back to you one day...'

-unboundmohit (c)

Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma

Bharatpur, India
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