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I Long To Be With You! - Poem by MaiLoan Lee

I long to be with you in the Heavenly Land of Divine Being,
where serenity and purest bliss are the only consciousness.
I long to be with you where the bright full moon will nightly rise,
along side with millions glittering blue stars.
I long to be with you where our glowing sun will always shine in the land of boundlessness,
I long to be with you where your vibrant new star kisses my empty heart, for now and forevermore.
I long to be with you where the sparkles of your eyes will twinkle at mine, till the end of earth time.
I long to be with you where your loveliness will touch and warm up my lonely spirit.
I long to be with you where we can forever and ever walk side by side,
across the soft sandy ocean shore,
I long to be with you where we will talk the dialogue and the language of enlightenment and quiet mind!
I long to be with you where our world still turns but will covered with thousands and thousands of blooming fragrant flowers.
I long to be with you where the Love we have will be the everlasting Love of a fountain of joyfulness.

Written by Mom - Mai Loan - for Our Beloved Son Ansel - Saturday 2/16/2013 5: 30 pm

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

My beloved son Ansel passed away at age 15. He was an extraordinary young man with a beautiful old soul.

Below is an essay Ansel wrote for his English Class about a month before he passed away.

Personal Mandala - Ansel is a seeker of knowledge who appreciates the endless supply of seeds of ideas and works to nurture the potential for innovation, application, and improvement in all walks of life to sprout. He acknowledges the origin of such ideas, coming from experiences, memories, and moments which are invaluable and worth capturing. On a lighter note, Ansel enjoys the speed and precision as well as strategy that applies to the sport of table tennis. With many different concepts and thoughts activated in his mind, Ansel always has a quick start on organizing his points in a structured and purposeful manner. At the same time, with so many perspectives to address on any particular thesis, he finds challenge in concluding his essays. Future ambitions of Ansel include advancement in debate, where his and others' views and opinions can combine with facts to establish truth far beyond reasonable in order to effectively and informatively solve issues. A career in medicine is Ansel's hope for a life spent towards alleviating pain to allow people to thrive with the beauties of life, not trapped by its sorrows and sufferings. Ansel's focus and tenacity results in the completion, with full potential, of all significant tasks. His determination in striving for perfection can become detailed beyond necessity but the overall effect is still of higher value. Life's true purpose is constant progress for everyone by the hand of anyone.
Written By Ansel Le 9/05/12 at age 15.

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