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I Love You - Poem by Karen Amador

well there is this little girl
she has a friend
then she has a best friend
her friend tells her that it was all her fault
that she believed that the boy really liked this little girl
but this little girl never believed
the girl never believed because the word believe
always has the word LIE in it.
Her best friend says
that there are a million boys out there
the girl fakes a smile and says thank you
she also fakes like she's over the boy
but deep inside she knows she'll never be
she starts doing crazy things
crazy things just to get his attention
but deep inside she knows that he'll never turn around again
never turn around to her
the only times he really turns around
is in her dreams
in her dreams she grabs him by the collar
and plants a kiss smack on his lips
in her dreams he hugs her
in her dreams he repeats those words that the girl
has never heard anyone say to her
not even her parents
in her dreams he tell her he loves her
her dreams are always perfect.
this boy has no idea what the girl has gone through
she gives him hints
little ones
tiny one
ones she wishes he would get
she cries at night
but she doesn't know why
yet no body comes
she screams for help
but nobody hears
she can't sleep.
reality is too painful
but when time comes and she really sleeps
she dreams
she dreams of the boy
when she really sleeps
she never wants to wake up
when she really sleeps she's in peace
but when she wakes up.
she wakes up to that empty feeling again.
that feeling that tells her that she's all alone
she wakes up and notices that she should give up
she wakes up from her fantasy
the one where nothing hurts
she wakes up to reality.
she wakes up to another day of guilt
another day that tells her it was all her fault
and another day of comfort
of comfort that will never be enough
to fill up the big whole of nothing.
she remembers when she asked the boy
when he would give her back her heart
he said 'no time soon'
when he said this the girl hoped it meant he would keep it forever
but maybe to the boy no time soon was in a couple of weeks.
no time soon was nothing close to forever
no time soon was the closest thing to tomorrow
the closest thing to painful
she knew
that no time soon
meant in no time
no time soon meant
'here you go. i dropped it a lot of times but it looks okay'
she knew that no time soon
would always mean soon enough
she still does those crazy things
but now she knows
she's a nobody
she knows that the reason no one came
when she cried
was because no on cared
now she knows the when she screamed and no one heard
was because no one wanted to hear
now her friend only talks about herself
and how much better her life is
now her best friend tells this little girl that
she is a bunch of EVERYTHING to her.
the little girl once again will say thank you
but she knows she's not thankful
because the only person that she really wants to hear that from is from
that boy
from the boy that broke her heart
from the boy that gave her
her heart back in 'no time soon'
the boy she tripped and fell for
and the boy that just walked over her
like the bunch of nothing she was
with no looking back
and with no whispering i love you when she needed it
yet he still haunts her dreams
like that sorrowful ghost that haunt houses
and she still says it's not fair that he Haunts her memories
like the word love haunts i and you
she says it's not fair that
he is her memories
she still says its' not fair
that i love you
and i wasn't strong enough to tell you in
this girl whispers

'the fucking reason im always doing stupid shit or updating my fucking status is so you would freakin notice me but i learned my lesson im no one to you'

hoping that the wind would blow it towards him
hoping that he would hear her cry.
hoping it wasn't too late

but the wind whispers something towards her
something that makes her cry
something she knows was never meant to be hers
something that doesn't belong to her
something that belongs to a prettier
and older girl
the wind is still whispering.
whispering words she wants to keep. but that has to let go of
because deep inside she knows those words don't belong to her.
but outside she wishes they would
those words still echo in her head

'I thought about you yesterday and twice in my bed,
I wish I had you in my arms, but your only in my head'

and now she wishes the wind would whisper something like this.

'little girl those words were meant for you, so don't be foolish turn your head and run into his arms.'

but this little girl knows that this is just the lie
the lie between
what the wind wants her to believe.
the lie between the same word not even her can believe.

but now every time she turns around.
all she sees is that empty space that is always there
and this time this little girl, that is foolish. whispers

' I knOw i should be oVEr YOU'

but the wind and she only know the true message in those particular

and so the wind whispers into the boys ears.

'Iove you'

the boy too turns around.
but sees the same empty space
he wakes up with every day with.
he turns around again and beginner to walk away
this time searching for the next message

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    hahaha i mad one this isssss lonnng and a nice poem but how do u rit poems in this web (Report) Reply

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