I'M The Girl

I’m the girl it seems
Everyone knows.
The one you think
Everyone likes.
As I walk down the halls
I wonder,
If anyone even sees
Me at all.

I’m the girl you go to for
All your problems.
The one with
All the advice.
The girl who seems to know

I’m sure there are plenty
Who love to have me,
The ones who only see
The outside me.
The ones who think I have
They are blinded by thinking,
That they know me.

Someone reading this might start
To see me,
They could start
To understand.
If you open your ears,
Your eyes, your heart,
You might start to see
All the lies.

I’m the girl who goes home
And cries,
Just to realize
It’s meaningless.
The girl who after a long day,
Full of happiness and smiles,
Is too tired to even breathe.

I want to scream
And maybe you would
Hear a sound,
But in truth I’m just
Too shy.
All I can give out
Are lies.

After a day full of people
Who think they know me,
All I want is just one person,
Who does.
I want someone,
Who knows.
All my thoughts
And feelings.

I want someone to know
How dead inside I am!
I want someone to notice
How I’m holding myself together!
I want someone to make…
Everything better.
All I’m asking for is one person
To be there for me.

But I won’t and never will
Find that person.
I’ve given up, no more
Hope in my heart.
That person so far gone
Out of my life.
My one hope, for one person,
Who understands,
Gone forever.