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I'm me and no one else. My poems are true and me nothing more or less.
I have no way to express myself because I don't say anything aloud. I keep to myself my feelings
I have never shared my poems so be sure to tell me what u think. these are my thoughts. They were never ment to be read.. but I give up and I need to keep track of them I guess.

Scarred Unknown Poems

My Hero (Dad)

you have been there for me
whether i wanted you or not
you mean everything to me
and i know it might not show

You Don'T Know Me

You don't know me
And even if you did
You wouldn't like me

I Hate You. But I Love You

I’m tearing in two
And I’m not sure what to do
My heart is screaming I love him
My mind saying I hate him


My heart poring onto the page
I’m turning inside-out
On the outsides all people see
That’s what they think of me

Bad Men

I am tainted
My skin
My breath
My soul

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Hidden Scars 18 March 2007

hello it is jake capps add me lol i love your writing and i would like to share mine with you but you gotta tell me how to work this site lol

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