destiny tatum

I Need Answers Mother - Poem by destiny tatum

affraid to look in my eyes
affraid to see what may look back at me
affraid of the furture that lays a head

looking for words to explain
this unforgetful pain
looking for a way to fix all mistakes
all that you made

running out time
to late to make things right
i dont want to face the the truth
because it hurts to much inside

hopeing for answers
to questions that never cross the mind

do you no
do you even understand why

my hearts beats blue
hard to find the right shoe
looking from the outside in
but had my future only begain

force to think of you
force to run though my life

for i live my life
carrying your mistakes
come take this from me
before i brake

ask yourself this
and than i will part my way
never looking back at the mother
who though me away

did you ever think about me
did you once care
did you hate yourself for not being there

did you ever wont me
or was i just a big mistake
what made you think that you could just give me away
and my life would just be ok

do you know my favorite color
or i love to dance
my passion for writing
or my life desires

do you know
did you want no.......

im asking
because i need to know
that a least i once matter
because you just left pices shatterd

its hard
i cry at night
i look at other childern
and want to run and hide
because they have something that i dont

..........a mother

to wipe their tears
to hold them tight

i need anwers so i can move on with my life
i need to know why you could not be there when i needed you the most
i need to know

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poem Edited: Sunday, May 2, 2010

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