MVJ Simon

I Remember - Poem by MVJ Simon

Splashing turgid waters
Kicking hard to stay afloat
Sinking, gasping and then coming up
Coughing, spluttering, laughing
I remember

The muddy waters in a river full spate
Foaming when it hits the rock-face
Bubbling as it swirls and twirls
Frolicking briskly ahead
I remember

Proud silver oaks, ramrod straight
Row after row, in perfect lines
Plump jackfruit jostling for space
Squat coffee bushes pruned perfectly round
I remember

The air so clean, biting cold
Wisps of mist clouding my view
Shades of green all around
Dewdrops on leafs quivering
I remember

Moist earth laden with leaves
Squishy as I tread gently
Mushrooms wild on rotten tree trunks
Grabbing some space from lichen around
I remember

Orchids so rare blooming when they please
Unseen, unknown to man’s prying eyes
Clusters of bamboo leaning over the edge
Looking at the river as it flows carelessly below
I remember

Lying down on the soft green grass
Looking at the changing sky
Travelling clouds so busy and driven
They keep on moving, as though they must
I remember

Gentle breeze ruffling my hair
Blades of grass, bending softly below
Rays of sun playfully shines
Through rustling leaves caressed by breeze
I remember

I close my eyes and breathe deeply in
The fragrance of nature as I know it
So tender and nice, my resting place
It’s mine, forever
I remember

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, June 12, 2008

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