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I Saw You In A Dream - Poem by Xixi Cape

You want me,
You got me,
Say the words,
I'm ya genie,
Just like Nelly,
Say it right,
In the day,
In the night.
Babe I'm closer to you than you think.
I'm about ready to sink,
In your love,
I'm like a dove,
Bring you peace,
Even in the streets,
Your one of my needs.
Mister, Mister,
Your touch heals my blisters.
Like Sister, Sister.
Gotta double take to see if your real.
Your real, Your down, Your sound drowns me out.
I'll be a spider and climb up the water spout.
Splash me with your beauty, I'm your favorite cutie.
Dare me the worse,
Share with me cause I'm your first.
Make it know to errbody and their mama,
Hell, even make a note to Obama,
I couldn't hide you like Osama,
There is no need for all the drama.
Others are irrelevant,
I don't have to look elegant,
My memories with you are like an elephants'.
Stomp on the earth,
Give a beautiful birth.
I couldn't ever quit you,
I've never seen the sky at such a nice shade of blue.
You can sue,
If you want to.
It should be illegal to set eyes on someone like you.
I'll do like Usher,
And sing a song about my boo.
In my head I like to replay everything that we've been through.
When I see you,
I go ill,
Someone call Doctor Will,
To gimme a black pill,
Swallow a black pill,
Name my next child Dill,
So hot I need to chill.
F**k what they say,
We should take a vacay,
Off to New York or even L.A.
Miss you like crazy,
You always knew I was a loony baby,
And maybe,
This was meant to be,
No, f**k me silly!
I'm your Mrs.Lady.
Age doesn't matter,
We'll grow old,
We'll get fatter,
As long as we don't get sadder.
I'll face the trials,
Experiment with different hairstyles,
Run miles and miles,
Just to please the one I call mines,
I've seen signs,
Read between the lines.
I can't tell if your coming,
I hope you don't come for one thing.
Like Shakespeare,
I wanna know where you are roaming.
Out there asleep,
Having dreams of counting sheep,
Call my name and I'll leap.
But your love I wanna forever keep.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 7, 2010

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