Kris Williams

I See You - Poem by Kris Williams

Out of the infinite emptiness emerged two nothings that kissed
and you breathed into the vastness the gift of lovers bliss.

And light, as if wanting to return to you, began to swirl and
gather into furious clusters of countless suns then lessor spheres of wonder now seen by mortals.

Then down below, your hand directed tiny bits here and there to gather together against the mighty storms of white hot glowing embers now cooling on that first dark night.

A humid mist turning into rain formed vast seas where you fashioned creatures that, following your plan given them from that first gathering of stardust, searched for land.

Eyes unaccustomed to brightness turned aside as webbed hands
clawed and found a resting place to hide as frantic heart beats are calmed by a breeze felt like an awakening.

I see you in the polarity of yin and yang where an infinite
variety of life forms unfold on cue all surviving, evolving and reshaping your first breath that gave all that is or ever will be.

Burrowed deep in mother's breast the first cries of her newborn
reach attentive ears you fashioned to listen though death stalks near and hasty retreat must wait while tenderness reigns.

I see you in the rabbit and the fox chasing, the worm and robbins
sweet embracing and among the rubble left from life's harshness, you comfort weary travelers with music, wine and poets.

I hear you in the laughter of lovers hopelessly hypnotized by
your spell as they dance to a melody only mystics and spirts can hear while they curiously observe humanity.

I see you in our greater self that like the first creatures touching
land touches us and finds expression a little here a little there gently sweeping us away like riding in one of those hot air ballons.

I want you to know that you cannot hide from me any longer; I
have found you out though you hid from me in a mental world where I could only see a reflection of me.

You were here all along reaching out to me, waiting for me to
discover you right here between what was and what is yet to be, the infinte space where alpha meets omega, the eternal Now.

Do you see me Father, I am here looking back

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Poem Submitted: Friday, June 1, 2012

Poem Edited: Saturday, June 2, 2012

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