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I Took Back My Vote For You - Poem by Nur Meiyati

Introduction: This is my first poem I dared to share in 3 Facebook groups that I joined. I added an introduction to it.

I don't know if what I wrote can be called a poetry. I have just been learning to write ones, to express what are in my mind but I still get difficulties to rhyme. I have to collect my courage to post it here, though, among great poetry from great poets:

I took back my vote for you and all who are like you
Although my imaginary ballot paper was not counted
As I am not a citizen of your country

I thought you were exceptional
As hilariously as your outstanding speeches
But I was as naive as a lot of people around the world
Who falsely thought you would bring the wind of change
Building a structure of world
Stuffed with honesty, transparency, and proficiency
To be an inspiring society
To give an example to the third world countries
Of how if basic human rights and justice are done
Just as your talented diplomats planted in your embassies boast

Not guns and misused fund anymore that will speak
Only remedied image, trust and solidarity
To change an utopia to become a dream and then a reality:
a peaceful and civilized world
No hatred, no prejudice hidden as lava in the dormant volcano
No violence, no stupid wars for whatever the reasons are

But what you have been doing now is beyond my comprehension
You are playing an old annoying game you used to play
This time is with a pretty cool name but a dirty taste
You accuse with a fake legal A to those who only do B
To start a war or to plot a persistence chase
To a whistle blower

If you think you did a right thing why should you hide
If you think you did something wrong why should you blame
Trying to play in the safest place?
Trying to break the mirror showing your own reflection?

I am not good to say bad things about others so openly
As that was how I was raised
But allow me this time to say
In my eyes now, you and all who are like you are liars

Written in Magelang, Tuesday July 2,2013

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Responses I got for my first post that I saved in my computer as they are very precious.

Group 1

I don't know if what I wrote can be called a poetry. I have just been learning to write ones, to express what are in my mind but I still get difficulties to rhyme. But Mr Sharique Jamal encouraged me by saying 'Just write what comes to you naturally, in a free flowing way, using simple words' I am collecting my courage to post it here, among great poetry from great poets.

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Group 2

Lewis Jian and 8 others like this.

Robin Bliss From one poet to another yes its poetry, and good.
Wednesday at 6: 49pm · Like · 3

Jeremy Taylor Follow your heart and express your soul! you get the hang of it!
Wednesday at 6: 50pm · Like · 1

Robin Bliss So true.
Wednesday at 6: 51pm · Like · 1

Jeremy Taylor I just started writing expressing my thoughts and learned as i continued writing.
Wednesday at 6: 53pm · Like

Jeremy Taylor Very well Written great work Nur!
Wednesday at 6: 54pm · Like

Robin Bliss Thats the best way, it must be from the heart.
Wednesday at 6: 54pm · Like · 2
Nur Meiyati @ Mr Robin Bliss and Mr Jeremy Taylor: thank you very much for your encouragement. My wish and my dream is I can use my voice to pronounce what have been my deep concern about what happen around the world (ignorance, intolerance, etc) and to stimulate people around me to think about it. Only I never knew before that there are great poet group like this one that gives me an opportunity to learn poetry. II must say thanks to internet too.
Wednesday at 7: 06pm · Like · 1

Jeremy Taylor Nur you are most welcome
Wednesday at 7: 07pm · Like

Robin Bliss My pleasure.
Wednesday at 7: 16pm · Like

Yarima Karama What! you don't know if this can be called poetry? Nur Meiyati not only is it poetry but it's quite brilliant poetry in its context. Please do more, it's great! ! !
Wednesday at 8: 37pm · Like

Nur Meiyati @ Mr Yarima Karama: thank you very much. It's my honour to receive a compliment from a great poet like you.
Wednesday at 8: 49pm · Like

Yarima Karama You're very welcome. It's a compliment you have rightly earned just by being one of my sisters and a part of the Universes creation!
Wednesday at 9: 09pm · Unlike · 1

Kar A Ghoun Khan A very well taken point, strongly worded.

In their hands, dreams become the weapon of choice against reality.
Yesterday at 5: 01am via · Like

Chao Xiong I would consider what you wrote as poetry.Even while you're inproving on your English vocabulary, you still have a talent for writing.It was nice of you to share your poem with us.
Yesterday at 5: 57am via mobile · Like

Group 3,

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Peter Forster Good stuff Nur Meiyati
Wednesday at 6: 37pm · Like

Nur Meiyati Thank you, Mr Forster. An encouragement from a real poet is meaningful for me.
Wednesday at 6: 42pm · Like · 3

Peter Forster you are too kind Nur Meiyati you have poetry in your soul
Wednesday at 6: 45pm · Like · 2

Carol Bird Very deep indeed, you express yourself very well, you are a poet
Wednesday at 6: 50pm · Like · 1

Nur Meiyati @ Ms Carol Bird: thank you very much for your nice words and encouragement. My dream is I can use my my language to voice what becomes my deep concern. And thank you for the opportunity I get from this group to learn poetry.
Wednesday at 7: 18pm · Like · 2

Carol Bird Our treat as well
Wednesday at 7: 19pm · Unlike · 1

Anabela Loureiro It is deep within... I believe we all have a gift of expression whether it's in rhyme or not. I began writing after my depression and I believe my reason for believing in the real me has set me free. My pen has given me the light I need to live with dignity, nobility and honesty. My soul is my dictator and I write what I need, to find my peace and purpose. Listen to your soul and free its voice... Many blessings.
Yesterday at 3: 49am via mobile · Unlike · 3

Nur Meiyati @ Ms Anabela Loureiro: thank you very much. I will keep it in my mind.
Yesterday at 9: 17pm · Like · 2
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  • Nur Meiyati (12/4/2013 10:58:00 PM)

    Comments from Universal Muse

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    Sharique Jamal Excellent...that's how we all learn. None are authority but if you have talent, the smaller nuances you can always pick up later. Very well written.
    July 4 at 12: 41am via mobile · Unlike · 3
    Anupama Dafre Sharique Jamal is a gem of a person, I started writing again after a long gap, only because of his encouragement and support...
    July 4 at 1: 00am · Unlike · 3
    Sharique Jamal That much too humbling for me, dear Anupama..the talent had to shine whether I was there or not. But my gratitude and appreciation for such great words.
    July 4 at 1: 21am via mobile · Unlike · 3

    Queeny Gona Nice to see your wonderful work here on Universal Muse dear Nur. I appreciate your flow of thoughts and skill of presenting them the way that has to be. Good one. Keep going!
    July 4 at 4: 11pm via mobile · Unlike · 1
    Nur Meiyati Thank you all. I will keep learning.
    July 4 at 6: 36pm · Like · 2
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