Nayeem Ahmed

I Will Be Waiting For You - Poem by Nayeem Ahmed

I will be waiting for you,
till the dawn to the dusk,
from the heavens to the hell,
from the beginning to the end,
the only one you.

I will be waiting for you,
till the sun shines,
till the light of my life,
from deep inside of my heart.

I still will be waiting for you,
for i know deep down my soul,
i know i may be wrong,
i may not be your only song,
i may completely shatter,
by the end of this dawn,
but deep inside my heart i love you,
and i will be waiting for you,
you may not come,
maybe you will go,
maybe you belong to some soul,
but still i will be waiting for you.

You give me one little hope,
i will wait for you for the rest of my life,
for I've never seen someone like you,
when you are around this hell seems heaven to me,
it feels like every thing has suddenly came to an end,
when you are sad everything inside me stops,
when you are happy everything seems possible to me,

I loved you with all i have,
i will continue to do so all my life,
my heart may stop for a little while,
my brain may not function,
my soul may die,
but my love for you is immortal and will always be,
you may not like me,
you may reject me,
but i want you with all my wishes,

I will be waiting for you,
with all my strength,
with all my hope,
i hope, for only one and only one moment,
if he the God listens to me my desires,
i would just ask him to give you what you want,
to give you your happiness,
for me it's your happiness that is important.

I want you,
i wish i could have you,
i wish i could give you my love,
i wish i could show you how much you mean to me,
i wish i had you in my arms,
i wish to love you with every beat i have,
i want to live with you and also die for and with you,
i wish, but if it's not your desire,
if you don't want to be with me,
then you are free,
you are free to be you to be anything you want.

With my last breath and my lost soul,
i only could wish i could have you,
you are like a crystal of water on the leaf,
it's just that i want you to be mine and only mine,
maybe i am asking too much from you,
but i only wish it could come true,
you were my first and the only one that i want to be my last,
i will be waiting for you till this life of mine lasts.


Poet's Notes about The Poem

For someone so important, someone who become my only one, who become my God, my everything. I wish one day i could have her.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 15, 2013

Poem Edited: Monday, September 16, 2013

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