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I Wish I Could Write A Poem - Poem by David Ebs

I wish I could write a poem, a poem that was funny,
I wish that I could find a way of making lots of money,
I wish that I could find me some happiness in life
I wish that I could find myself a wonderful new wife

But as it is I’m looking for the best job I can get
To have some money in my pocket and pay off all my debts
Then I just might meet someone who’s really true to me
Build a life and have a wife and not be a divorcee

See I thought I had it all, with family and fun
Until she upped and told me that our marriage it was done
When she told me that and she’d met somebody new
Whilst I’d been out working hard and didn’t have a clue

So eventually I managed to get up of the floor
And stupidly tried to hang on, I kept going back for more
Hoping that she’d change her ways and keep us all together
For the sake of both our children I would not be the wrecker

Anyways - you can guess which way things went
Eventually we parted; I thought I’d end up in a tent
Desperately looking, for someone to show me love
Even thinking one whole day I’d be better off above

Feeling really down and uninterested in life
Wondering how I’d let her down my one and only wife
‘Cos all I did was toil at work, weekends and through the days
Wife and kids and DIY, I never had time to play

Life it kept me busy, stressing all the time
She thought I was an odd job man, and the target for her whines,
But then one day you realise, It’s not what you did or didn’t do
And that it’s not always ones fault as in a relationship there’s two

So now I’m picking myself up, from some place deep down low
I’m picking myself up again – it’s a long job that’s gona be slow
Looking for new work that will again inspire me
Being fun again and funny in bright new company

Reinventing and now dating’s that’s something that is new
With younger women acting up like they come from some zoo?
My eyes they have been opened to how open some folks are
Telling you things on a first date that really should be barred

And the older ones are crazy they come with all their bags
With their lines and wrinkles and their boobies that just sag
Either desperate for children or reliving their lost youth
I even met a woman that took out her false front tooth

Texting pictures to you of all their body parts
Of things I’m used to seeing but only in the dark
Although what sure is nice now - what’s nice now I suppose
Is feeling a new body (sometimes minus clothes)

And comparing it as always to what I had before
And realising that what I had before was quite a bore
As girls I meet these days now do all sorts of crazy things
That I had only dreamed of, maybe they could wear my ring?

So I think that I’ve decided that this new year 2012
Is gona be a good one – I wont end up on the shelf
Life goes on forever and in all its not that bad
Stop living in the past young man looking at what you had

But head up high and look right forward
And don’t get in a position where you can be cornered
Life is good from this point on
I already feel like it’s me that’s won

Not that it’s a competition at all
But you have to feel that you’re not the dirt ball
And that there is a shared responsibility
Of all that has happened and without hostility

So come and bring it on – next year it will be great
All I need is a new job and women of thirty eight
To make me laugh and smile and be my bestest friend
To hold my hand and hug me, each day at the end

Of that busy day when I walk right through the door
With both arms wide open, that I’ll love and I’ll adore
With a huge and great personality where I can sure relax
Without the need to figure out what’s hiding between the tracks

So “Happy New Year” to one and to all
I think this ones gona be a ball
I’ll keep you updated at how things are going
With life and love trying not to keep moaning

Of dates and women and jobs and more
Of houses and kids – I will try not to bore
Through gritted teeth what I accomplish
Whilst I try to become the most desired dish

With news of life and loves as I journey the next year
With hoping that it will be fun and I can shout and cheer
I’m hoping that this year will be the start of something new
Who knows where I’ll end up? I could even marry you! !

So Thank You all for reading I hope you found this fun
I suppose you could refer to this as episode number one`
There will be more to come I think if I get some likes
And maybe I will find one day my name all up in lights

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  • Adeline Foster (12/23/2011 3:47:00 PM)

    Perhaps you are only trying to hard. Read mine -We the Unencumbered -
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