I Wished For You On My Birthdays Dad Poem by rhynik hallow

I Wished For You On My Birthdays Dad


i am now a teenager
not a little girl
you see i've grown
but of course you probally see me as a little girl still
cuz the last time you saw me was when i was a little girl
did you know i grown
of course not because you havent been there

i am now a teenager
i have grown
how come you werent there as i was growning up?
that comes once in a life time and you missed it
for no reason
was i not good enough to you?
you dont know anything about me
you probally dont remember my birthday
well i'm 14, did you know that?
i really wish you could have been a part of my life
but you chose not to be.
i know somewhere in my heart i still love you
even though you have caused some pain in my life
i remember wishing for you on my birthday
you have only been there for 2 of my birthdays
and thats when you lived with me and thats when you loved me
and thats when you were part of my life
you have missed 12 of my birthdays
but dont worry my step-dad was there
hes been there on all of my birthdays he was the one that
payed for everything i have cuz you never paid
child support
he was there for everything
he is my dad your not your only my father
your just the one that made me thats all.
i wish i could forgive you but i cant till you love me

Janice Brodie 26 June 2006

Dear Summer, This is an awesome poem and you share your thoughts wonderfully. You definitely have talent. I would be sure and watch my punctuation and spelling, and you'll be great! Love Janne*

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Melissa Broomhead 21 June 2006

wow thats so true i luvvvv the poem cause trust me i've been there

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