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I just love to write poems when im down or have no one to talk to. My favorite poet is Edgar Allen Poe. My favorites of his are: a dream within a dream, The raven, annabelle lee, and some of his others. Oh and one more thing i love encouraging other poets to follow thier dreams, by sending comments and messages.

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This Is So Funny I Laughed While Writing It Lol

he's been waiting for this his whole life...
he's wanted her for a long time...


cheese is good cheese is great

i like to buy a hugecheese crate

So I'M Not Like You

so im different than you does that make a difference in our friendship
so im different than you why does it matter
when i look at you i dont see black and white i see your smile
when i look at you i dont know what color you are i just see my friend

The Scars Ive Made

they say im so beautiful thaey say that im the best;
they even look strait in my eyes and tell me all the rest;
they tell me everyone notices when i enter the room;
but why do i feel invisible like they leave me to my doom;

You Are Afraid

you are afraid you pushed me over the edge
you are afraid you made me cry

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Mikoto 29 June 2006

Thank you for comment. You are very young. I think your future to be enjoyment. Keep writing. Mikoto

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