Kalli Meta

I Won'T Eat My Broccoli! - Poem by Kalli Meta

Night was falling all across town.
Inside their homes, everyone tried to wind down.
In one particular home to the East,
Little Maggie's mother was sewing, or trying to at least.

She looked to see how much the sun had set.
Then called to her daughter, "Have you finished your vegetables yet? "

Maggie Moo kicked her feet in protest.
A fit was coming, her mother guessed.
She wrinkled her nose and curled up her fists.
As her facial features started to twist.

"I wish these veggies would quit appearing on my plate.
They all suffer the same sad fate!
Into the trash can, they always go.
I won't eat them, if you must know! "

Then her mom said, "Oh Maggie Moo, won't you try one, maybe two?
They're not only tasty, they're quite good for you."

"I won't eat a single bean.
I won't try anything green! 
I won't ever touch that beet.
Frankly, it tastes a lot like feet.

You know I won't eat my asparagus,
So what's with all this unnecessary fuss? 
I won't eat my broccoli. I won't eat my pear.
If I sit her all night, I just don't care! "

Then her voice dropped an octave at least.
Her mother closed her eyes in defeat.
"Mother, Mother, won't you please learn? 
I'll sit here all night. I'm just that stubborn."

Maggie Moo's mother tried, "They're good for your health",
But Maggie didn't answer. It was like speaking to herself.
It was a lost argument, her mother knew.
She shook her head, and her frustration grew.

"Oh Maggie, Oh Maggie, they're really not so bad! 
Try one, may two, maybe you'll be glad."
"I won't try one, I certainly won't try two.
In fact, I'd rather eat a sweaty old shoe! "

Then Maggie started to shout with fury.
Her mother's forehead creased with worry.
Her mother wanted to scream in despair.
Her chances of winning over Maggie were rare.

What a mess, Maggie had created.
Her chance of eating her veggies were terminated.
Maggie looked at her mother's sad face,
And decided to leave the kitchen with grace.

She'd do what her mother told her to do,
And eat a bean, maybe two.

Her mother's eyes widened as she rose her fork to her plate.
Maggie prepared herself for something that wouldn't taste so great.
Her mother watched with hopeful eyes,
As Maggie put a vegetable on her on her tongue, she held back her cries.

Wow! What was in her mouth that tasted so good?
She would eat this all night, if she could.
Her mother had been right all night long.
Maggie couldn't believe she had been so wrong.

Her mother let out a whoop of delight.
No longer would she and her daughter have to fight!
So in the end, she gave into her mother's demands,
And to Maggie, the vegetables tasted quite grand.

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