I Would Poem by Nancy Oyula

I Would

Rating: 3.5

I would

If I could, I would.

Sing mellifluous melodies,
Like how the birds do every morning,
Compose sweet operas,
Be a maestro like J.S Bach, Mozart,
A great artiste like Marley,
write great symphonies like Haydn.

Moonwalk like M.J,
Spellbind and enchant audiences with my dances,
Like Madonna, Shakira, Josephine Baker, or Gene Kelly,
I would move my feet from left to right,
sway and undulate when I hear a sweet rhythm,
And beats of good music,
Swing my hips this way, and that way.
I would dance........ Dance to the moon.

Paint like Picasso, be like Da Vinci, and Michelangelo,
Come up with images that are attractive to the eye.
Create drawings that will make onlookers want to stare at them for five minutes,
But end up staring for five hours.
I would start with curvy and straight lines on a piece of paper,
and finish with colorful pictures on frames.

Would be rational and logical
Make insightful decisions which are not regrettable,
Be prudent, sagacious,
I would posses wisdom like King Solomon.

Be Dante Alighieri,
A superb poet,
Feel people's worlds with words that will change,
comfort and help them,
Rhyme from the Arctic to the Antarctica,
Would be like Pablo Neruda, Edgar Allan Poe,
Maya Angelou, William Wordsworth.

Be a warrior,
Strong and mighty like Samson.
Help my community,
Destroy my enemies.

Great speaker,
An influential and notable orator,
Like Martin Luther King Jr. and Lincoln,
Move masses with my speeches like Winston Churchill,
Talk to people, Make them view our world from a different perspective.

Jest around,
Be an illustrious entertainer, talk and walk humor,
I would be funny like Bill Cosby
Feel people's souls with the best medicine -laughter,
Great comedian like Charlie Chaplin,
Make people forget their troubles through my puns.

Show love to all,
Help those who seek spiritual nourishment,
Like John Paul II and Cardinal Maurice Otunga.

Be Celebrated for my noble deeds,
Be a hero to all, acclaimed and lauded,
Like Gandhi and Mandela.

Be a Stellar playwright like Henrik Ibsen, if not Shakespeare,
Write best-selling fiction as Sidney Sheldon did,
Tell thrilling and Impactful stories like Soyinka, Mark Twain, Achebe,
I would write, and write well like Charles Dickens, Ngugi Wa Thiong'o,
I would write till the ink in my pen dries up,
Till I run out of paper
I would be an adept novelist like George Orwell,
My written works would be appreciated by generations to come.

Help the poor, Put a smile on the faces of the hopeless
Make the have-nots value life.
Bring bliss to those in misery
Live well,
Remembered like Mother Theresa.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
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