Six Plus One Poem by Nancy Oyula

Six Plus One

He first saw her when she was in the seventh grade.
He was seventeen, she was fourteen,
A year older than the average kid in grade seven.
He looked at her young eyes, she looked at him,
They stared at each other, their eyes interlocked for like seven seconds,
And that marked the beginning of their mutual affection.
Fourteen years since their first encounter and he was a scholar.
They dated for two years and were married for five years,
A total of seven years spent together.
They lived on the seventh floor,
In a flat located on the seventh street in town.
He was to go abroad to study, for seven years.
He had been preparing for the trip for the past one week.
She would miss him after he left,
But he had to go.
He listened to seven jams,
Which played for approximately four minutes each,
As he drove for twenty eight minutes, from the house to the airport,
He hugged her tightly, for seven minutes,
It was the last time she would feel his arms, until seven years were over.
He held her tight, and promised her seventh heaven when he would be back.
He later bid her bye, and headed to the flight.
His trip would take seven hours.

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: ROMANCE
Captain Herbert Poetry 15 February 2015

Creatively and wonderfully done

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Gajanan Mishra 17 April 2014

beautiful writing, thanks, I like it. Please read my poems and comment.

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