James C Leonard

Iced Tea Extra - Poem by James C Leonard

Two old codgers sitting
in the Main Street Diner,
Said one to the other,
'It's not that I'm a whiner,

but it's unseemly hot
in our Oklahoma land,
methinks that this heat
has gotten out of hand.'

Old Jethro slowly nodded
as he stirred his iced tea,
saying, 'You're right, Bob,
just look around and see,

temps in triple digits
(without a dropp of rain,)
playing counterpoint
to the locusts' refrain.

Crops wilted and dying,
roads choked in dust,
and I sometimes wonder:
will we all just 'go bust'? '

Ozzie Mae padded over
(before Bob could reply,)
saying, 'Such long Faces!
Are you boys gonna cry?

Why, we is too Okie tough
to say 'Uncle' and be pinned,
and if we ever do fall down
we're gonna get up again! '

Refilling the boys' glasses,
Ozzie Mae took a new slant,
'Some of the best times ever
is when you reach your 'can't! '

For realizing you can't do it
by your own power and steam,
should cause you to remember
that you serve on God's team.

So if we have famine or plenty,
health or illness, joys or woes,
do not fear the circumstances,
but follow where Jesus goes.'

By now the boys were happy,
and Bob says, 'Jethro, see!
Ozzie Mae always serves...
a good sermon with her tea! '

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